Butler Tires Lamborghini Huracan | SV88 | Savini Wheels

The Lamborghini Huracan is already a sight to behold thanks to its appealing exterior that breaks necks when you see on on the road. Add on a set of flashy wheels like our SV88 in a Duoblock configuration and you’ve got a dream machine hitting the streets thanks to our boys at Butler Tires & Wheels!

Liberty Walk GT-R x Doczilla |SV65 | Savini Wheels

Doczilla is notorious in the scene for having the hottest rides. His collection is one of the most impressive we’ve seen and he’s always adding to his fleet. His NSX is legendary (also laced with Savinis) and it’s no surprise that his GT-R will be the same. The Nissan flosses a sleek Liberty Walk exterior that widens the vehicle and a set of SV65XC Savini Wheels in a carbon fiber with polished accents finish.

Ncredible Rolls Royce Wraith / NC1 / Savini Wheels

The Wraith is a beast and there’s no denying its good looks. Rolls- Royce perfected their offering when they released the Wraith and it’s quickly grown to be the symbol of a true boss. Of course, no boss would ride around on stock wheels, which is why this particular version is laced with a set of our all-new NC1 Savini Wheels in a gloss black finish and accented with red hardware.  The NC collection is a partnership with Nick Cannon’s Ncredible brand and were created especially for fly rides like this. It’s also a partnership with Nick Cannon.

This series features meticulously crafted wheels, which will be exclusively available in both Duoblock and Xtreme Concave configurations through authorized dealers only. made for the world’s most exclusive vehicles, providing function and style without having to replace the luxurious center cap for such vehicles, including Rolls-Royces. Available in DUOBLOCK configuration.

BMW i8 | SV59D | Savini Wheels

The BMW i8 is an exotic that turns heads everywhere. But this particular i8 by Sightwaves is particularly enticing thanks to its Forged SV59D Brushed Double Dark Tint 22×8.5 front and 22×10.5 rear Savini Wheels. Adding a set of Savini Wheels to any ride definitely adds a bit of your own personality and this set is just one of many alluring styles to choose from!


Prior-Design Lamborghini Huracan | SV83 | Savini Wheels

Prior-Design has a special way of making exceptional rides extraordinary thanks to their unique body kits and mods. Creative Bespoke knew they had to dress a new Lamborghini Huracan with their special kit to create an out-of-this world exotic that’s like nothing else out there on the road. But what makes this Lambo so special is that it’s the first one to wear the new kit in the States and was unveiled at the 2018 SEMA Show for all to bask in its beauty. A FI Exhuast and a set of Forged SV83 Savini Wheels wrapped in Toyo rubber were also added to enhance it’s amazing looks! Peep all the goodness below!

Roadstarr Ferrari 488 | BM15 | Savini Wheels

The guys over at Roadstarr Motorsports really know how to make an already amazing vehicle even better! This Ferrari 488 is already a dream ride for many and they just stepped it up a notch with a set of Black di Forza BM15 Savini Wheels in a sleek gloss black finish. We can’t get enough of this sexy ‘Rari and neither will you once you see how gorgeous it is with a set of our favorite BM wheels!


Impressive Wrap Mercedes-Benz GTS | SV64-L | Savini Wheels

The Mercedes-Benz GTS is engineered by the racers at Mercedes-AMG to be a pure sports car with a sense of balance. All of its elements reveals a sense of purpose and the passion behind creating such a beautiful sports car unlike any other. With looks that thrill, Impressive Wrap wanted to up the ante and decided to wrap this particular model in a sleek black wrap that turns heads. They fitted a set of Forged SV64-L Savini Wheels for a distinct stance that begs to noticed!


Butler Tires & Wheels Lamborghini Huracan | SV72-L | Savini Wheels

The allure of a Lamborghini Huracan is undeniable. The sleek lines, powerful engine and the Raging Bull insignia are all desirable traits of a Lamborghini, but add in a set of stylish wheels and a distinct body kit and you’ve got yourself a dream ride! Butler Tires & Wheels hooked up this Huracan with a 1016 aero kit and set of Forged SV72-L wheels for a transformative look that calls for illicit stares when it hits the pavement in the ATL!


Range Rover | BM16 | Savini Wheels

Range Rover is one of the original luxury SUVs and still a favorite for many who need ample room for enough passengers and rugged capabilities. But many also want their Range Rover to impress thanks to Extreme Off-Road & Performance! For those with meticulous style preferences, our Black di Forza BM16 wheels will do the trick! As our latest BM style for 2019, the multi-spoke wheel will surely impress, yet is still functional for everday driving.


Creative Bespoke x Mansory McLaren 720|SV79 | Savini Wheels

The McLaren brand is synonymous with luxury and exclusive. After all, they create some of the world’s mose elusive and sought after vehicles for the right pocket books. A McLaren sceams sophistication and elegance. While nothing is wrong with a stock 720s, those with discerning tastes expect more from their rides – no matter what make or model it is.