Rolls-Royce Ghost | SL7 | Savini Wheels

Driving a Rolls-Royce Ghost is a statement. The Spirit of Ecstasy that sits upon the hood like a jewel commands attention and lets everyone around know that you’ve arrived with a certain kind of clout. As a legendary car maker with a refined reputation of exemplary engineering since it first came. on the auto scene in 1906, a Rolls-Royce vehicle is what dreams are made of and what many aspire to own one day.

As the entry-level luxury sedan for Rolls-Royce, the Ghost offers opulent features and specs for which the renowned brand is famous. Its graceful exterior demands attention, while the interior that’s outfitted with the finest materials a car has ever seen.  Any person would be more than happy to leave their Ghost stock, too afraid to interfere with the vehicle’s already pristine looks and features. Still, a true enthusiast knows the value of a fresh set of new wheels to enhance the car’s overall beauty.

This particular RR Ghost features a unique green exterior and benefits from a set of SL7 wheels. Our Savini Luxury collection of car wheels is manufactured for the most exclusive vehicles on the planet, like Rolls-Royce’s impressive lineup of cars. But with our SL Series car wheels, customers don’t have to replace the luxurious center cap, allowing them to represent their unique style and stock center cap. The SL7 (along with the rest of the nine SL styles) all come in our duoblock configuration and are available in 20, 21, 22, 24, 26 sizes.

If you’re interested in our SL7 Savini Wheels or have your eye on a different SL style, email us at to locate an authorized Savini Wheels dealer near you!


Porsche Tayan | SV-F6 | Savini Wheels

EVs are having a moment and rightfully so. They’re the cars of the future; these days, being environmentally conscious is essential for our planet. Of course, many leading luxury automakers are trying to do their share to provide consumers with high-profile EV options and the Porsche Taycan is a serious contender since it made its debut back in 2020.

As the pure expression of a Porsche electric sports car, the vehicle features striking proportions, a timeless design and a perfect blend of performance with everyday usability. Its 242 mil driving range (282 miles with performance battery plus) might not beat Tesla Model S’ 400 miles, but that doesn’t mean it lags when it comes to performance. It’s an EV second, with its lineage as a Porsche still reigning supreme thanks to its luxurious background. The Taycan is unmistakable and unique in terms of looks, differentiating it from its competitors.

The 800-volt battery allows it to charge from low to about 80% in about 23 minutes (when plugged into a DC fast charger, whereas standard DC charging (like a 50kW station) has the battery go from 5% to 80% in 93 minutes. Inside, the Porsche Taycan seats four people and is impressive with its plush and high-quality materials. The interior is centered around three touchscreens that display and control its functions. The luxury EV also has wireless smartphone charging in the center console and comes with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Because of its unique styling, any Porsche Taycan would benefit from a set of Savini Wheels. This particular white version looks extra nice on a set of SV-F6 Savini Wheels that not only add to its good looks but also help with performance. That’s because the SV-F collection of wheels are all flow-formed. This particular line utilizes advanced flow-form technology, allowing them to be strong, durable, and lightweight. This benefits performance-based vehicles since less weight leads to less rotating mass, which benefits acceleration and braking efficiency.

Our SV-F6 car wheel comes in various sizes including 19X8.5, 19X9.5, 20X8.5, 20X9.0, 20X10, 20X11, 20X12, 21X9.0, 21X10.5, 21X12, 22X9.0, 22X10, 22X11, 22X12. You can opt for our Gloss Black version or the Gloss Black Double Dark Tint finish. If you’d like to get a set for your own Porsche Taycan (or any other ride you drive), email us at to help locate a dealer near you.



Jeep Trackhawk | SV93xc | Savini Wheels

Although the Jeep Trackhawk isn’t the usual sort of vehicle you’d typically see a set of Savini Forged wheels on, it just goes to show that our wheels are made for every type of vehicle (and they look good on all kinds of vehicles, too). But the Trackhawk isn’t just any type of car, either. In fact, the Jeep Trackhawk resulted from a partnership with Jeep and the popular Hellcat V8, which resulted in a combination that offered drivers both power and comfort when it was first released in 2018.

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk changes the standard Jeep Cherokee formula by upgrading its off-road capabilities for a newfound ability to speed on racetracks. New upgrades include a bigger braking system using Brembo brakes, sport suspension, an aggressive exterior and a Hellcat HEMI V8 engine that adds some powerful hp to the SUV. It’s one of the most powerful SUVs ever and one of the fastest while also having excellent off-road abilities.

Even if this particular version doesn’t hit the trails, it pounds the pavement on a set of stylish SV93 forged Savini Wheels. This particular wheel style was new for 2022 and is featured in our XC configuration (extreme concave) for an aggressive stance in a matte black with red accents finish to match the Trackhawk’s exterior. Available in various configurations and finishes, the wheel is the perfect addition to any ride. If you’d like to add a set to your own vehicle, email us at to locate a dealer near you!

Rolls-Royce Wraith | SV75 | Savini Wheels

It’s sad to think that 2023 will be the end of production for the Rolls-Royce Wraith (and their Dawn model). The final Wraith will likely roll off assembly lines in early 2023, before the highly anticipated all-electric Spectre drops in late 2023. While the luxury automaker has no plans to replace these two popular models with new ones as it looks to a more electric-focused future, we can still bask in older Wraiths’ beauty, grace and luxurious features.

The Wraith first appeared on the auto scene in 1938 and reappeared as a new coupe in 2013. The name “wraith” comes from an old Scottish word that means “ghost,” which is another model in the luxury Rolls-Royce lineup, as many already know. The newest edition is considered as “the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history,” with a turbocharged 6.6-lite V12 engine that pushes out 624hp, which is about 10% more power than what the new Phantom or Cullinan has.

Just like its brethren, the Wraith drips luxury in every corner of the vehicle. Made with sumptuous materials across most surfaces, there are four perfectly proportioned seats, with plenty of head and leg room to space. Then there are the bespoke additions made for a buyer’s personal tastes, like a color-matched interior and so much more.

Of course, no refined machine should be without a set of new shoes and this Rolls-Royce Wraith glides along the pavement on a set of Forged SV75 Savini Wheels in a bright brushed red finish that exudes “look-at-me” vibes. The multi-spoke wheel design perfectly complements the elegance of the Wraith, while the bold red color offsets the crisp, clean white of the exterior paint.

Our Forged SV car rims are meticulously designed and cut from only the best aluminum in a multi-piece construction with (7) different profile configurations and a wide variety of custom finishes. This SV75 is featured in our Duoblock profile, which provides more depth than our Xtreme Concave configuration and combines it with our Mono configuration to provide a revolutionary 2-piece constructed versatile wheel without compromising performance and comfort.

If you’re keen on this wheel style and want to style it for your own ride, message us at to locate a dealer near you! All our Forged SV car rims are made to order at our Anaheim, CA, location and take a few weeks for delivery. So spice up your own Wraith (or whatever vehicle your drive), with a set of Forged SV Savini Wheels today!


Ferrari F8 | SV-F5 | Savini Wheels

When it comes to highly coveted exotics, Ferrari is at the top of the list. While any Ferrari model would be a welcomed addition to any garage for the avid car lover, the F8 is a model that gets the blood pumping every time you see one on the streets. The rear-engined sports car represents the highest expression of the renowned Prancing Horse’s classic two-seater Berlinetta. It’s a machine with unique characteristics and, as its name implies, is an homage of the most powerful V8 in Ferrari history.

It’s such an in-demand ride, that back in May, it was noted that the Ferrari F8 can’t be ordered anymore for the year. According to this report, it was one of Ferrari’s best-selling models in Europe last year. While an official explanation from Ferrari about the cut-off hasn’t been officially explained yet, it’s probably because it’s one of the hottest rides out there at the moment for those who have the bank account to afford such a lavish ride.

This one particular Ferrari F8 benefits even more from an aggressive stance that features a set of flow-formed SV-F5 Savini Wheels. These flow-forged wheels are the perfect addition for such a high-performance ride given they only enhance spec numbers while allowing for the Ferrari to look even more stylish than before.

Our SV-F flow-formed wheels are perfect for such speed demons given they were meant to adorn the world’s most performance-oriented rides around. Flow-form technology is one of the most advanced wheels manufacturing styles in the industry at the moment. The innovative wheel technology involves the application of pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel being made – during spinning and after it has been casted. The extra pressure during manufacturing stretches and compresses the aluminum.

This in turn increases the tensile strength of the wheel. And, the final product ends up not only stronger but lighter, too. These benefits are perfect for performance-based vehicles, such as cars made for speed (like the Ferrari F8). Other benefits include increased elongation and much greater shock resistance in addition to increased load capacity than regular cast wheels.

The SV-F5 flow-formed wheel style is available in three finishes: Gloss Black w/ DDT, Gloss Black and Matte Bronze. We also have a total of six SV-F flow forged wheel styles to choose from in case the SV-F5 flow-formed wheel doesn’t match your style! So, if you’re in the market for some new flow-formed wheels, Savini Wheels has six eye-catching designs to choose from in a variety of sizes and finishes. Email us at to find a local Savini Wheels dealer near you!

Lucid Air | SL1 | Savini Wheels

The Lucid Air is the latest luxury EV to hit the market and its name sounds like poetry, while its looks are stunning and sophisticated. Designed to compete with existing EV brands like Tesla, Lucid Motors has created an impressive EV with unprecedented EPA range ratings of up to 520 miles on a single charge. It’s truly a sight to behold and an amazing first effort from a first-time automaker better known for supplying batteries to Formula E race cars.

The sizable sedan boasts a noteworthy aerodynamic shape that’s fashionable and functional. While the outside is head-turning, the inside is spacious and covered with upscale, luxurious accents. The glassy canopy helps the EV live p to its lyrical name as it mixes technology with practicality in an elegant way. It was truly made to offer luxury and performance, providing drivers the ability to minimize their carbon footprint in style.

To accent the exterior looks of this Lucid Air EV vehicle, a set of SL1 Savini luxury wheels were added. These SL1 car wheels provide the car with an elevated look that matches its stylish design. Our SL Series of car rims is made to adorn the world’s most exclusive rides, providing function and style without having to replace the luxurious center cap of the said luxurious vehicle. There are six different forged wheel styles in the SL wheel collection and they are offered in a variety of finishes and sizes. If you like the setup and need a set for your own luxury ride, email us at to find a local dealer near you! We also have a vast collection of EV wheels styles to choose from on our site, so don’t hesitate to take a peek at our forged, cast and flow-formed EV rims.

McLaren 720S | SV-F6L | Savini Wheels

When it comes to supercars, Ferraris and Lambos immediately pop into your head at the mere thought of such lavish rides. But one underrated supercar that should also be included is the McLaren 720S that looks and performs just as amazing as many of the world’s most coveted supercars. The McLaren 720S is a light and strong supercar that looks the part with its eye-catching exterior that’s sexy and sleek. At standstill, it’s poised for attack, but once revved up, it’s ferociously fast. This beautiful machine on four whees is made for perfection while still being tactical and effortless to be used as an every day ride.

With impressive specs, the 720S is an apex predator when it comes to vehicles on the road. It goes for rest to 60mph in just 2.8 seconds and can cover a quarter of a mile in just 10.4 seconds from a standing start. But the beauty of this beast is more than what’s under the hood. With a shape inspired by a teardrop, this powerful and simple design amps up its aerodynamic prowess. The beauty continues inside as advanced car technology complements luxurious accents.

The McLaren 720s is a beautiful sight to behold and an experience when behind the wheel. Add in some flashy wheels like our SV-F6L Savini Wheels, and you’ve got a unique supercar that’s bold. These SV-F Forged Series wheels are styles taken from our popular SV-F flow formed wheel designs but forged for a more luxurious look and feel. Like what you see? Email to find a Savini Wheels dealer near you!

Savini Dealer Spotlight: Vibe Motorsports

“Where can I find Savini Wheels…”

This is a common question we get asked regularly. Because we don’t sell to the general public, we use a network of authorized Savini Dealers to sell our wheels and wanted to showcase some of the various dealers across the nation (and world) who offer our wheels!

First up in our new Savini Dealer Spotlight Series is Vibe Motorsports! Based out of Burbank, CA, this automotive shop is an e-commerce shop that’s made up of die-hard car enthusiasts. And they also have a full installation facility for those local to SoCal. They are industry leaders in the game and are made up of a creative team of experts, who will guide you in the right direction of your automotive customization goals. They dedicated themselves to really knowing many of the parts they sell to ensure that customers will not only love them, but the mods will also be effective for a wide variety of rides.

Plus, customers will appreciate how real they are. If something doesn’t fit, then they’ll tell you upfront so that you won’t have to deal with the hassles of any do-overs when it comes to mods. As a Savini Wheels dealer, they’ll be able to help you with your wheel needs when it comes to which style, fitment, finish and offset you should go with!

Here are a few examples of some rides they did styled with a set of fresh Savini Wheels!

1. Jaguar F-Pace On BM16s

2. Mercedes-Benz E550 on SV-F1

3. Lamborghini Huracan on SV-F2

4. BMW X4 on SV-F6

5. Ford Explorer On SV-F3

So if you’re looking for some Savini car wheels and are in SoCal or would like to order some despite living on the other side of the country, Vibe Motorsports can help! Hit them up and follow the on socials (ig:@vibemotorsports) for more automotive inspiration!

Which ride is your favorite?

Lamborghini Huracan EVO | Forged SV82L | Savini Wheels

When it comes to a Lamborghini, the Huracan is the top choice for many who can afford the steep price tag. But for those who real power and refinement comes the EVO edition. The Evo is the result of fine-tuning and enhancing already existing features on the beloved exotic while also combining new design solutions to make it look even better and increase performance. The EVO stands out for its ability to cater and anticipate the driver’s behavior, desires and expectations.

The exterior features aerodynamic solutions all across the board while still remaining tire to the design ethos of what makes a Lamborghini such an industry icon. The front bumpers has that Y-shape you’d expect from a Lamborghini, hood lines taken from the Contact and skirt air intakes seen on the Murcielago.

Inside, there’s cutting-edge technology and luxury comforts for drivers lucky enough to sit behind the steering wheels. All interior finishes reflect authentic Italian design and are made from the best of the best! or the first time, Carbon Skin was used, which is an innovative carbon-fiber material only available on Lamborghini vehicles.

While you might think there’s nothing more to upgrade on the Lamborghini Evo, this white Huracan’s stance needed improvement. That’s why we added a set of Forged SV82s in a step-lip configuration and brushed gold finish. The SL (Step Lip Concave) configuration utilizes a center disk that is 1” smaller in diameter to reduce weight, unsprung mass, and improve return on inertia. The configuration also features a unique concave spoke profile and a signature undercut for improved aerodynamics. The gold perfectly complements the white exterior and adds to its flashy demeanor.

We have a ton of other Lamborghini wheel styles to choose from so if you like what you see, email to find a dealer near you!

5 New Car Mods Your Ride Needs In 2022

New Year, new car goals, right?

Everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions to help better themselves in the coming year, so why not do the same when it comes to your car? After all, it’s your main means of transportation and takes you everywhere you go, so why not do it in style…

If your ride needs a makeover in 2022, here are a few new car mods you might want to consider in order to really floss your style and ride in the new year!

1. A New Set of Wheels

A fresh set of wheels is the easiest way to really upgrade your ride in the new year. You can really personalize and show off your personal style with the wheel style you choose, the fitment and even finish. With so many options out there, you’ll definitely find a few that you’ll love, especially on our site! We offer flow formed car rims, forged wheels and cast rims in different sizes, profiles and finishes. Depending on your budget and style preference, adding a set of new Savini Wheels will definitely heighten the look of your ride in 2022! So what are you waiting for and grab a new set of car rims from us by emailing us at to find a local dealer near you!

2. New Tires

To go along with your new Savini Wheels, a new set of tires will compliment your new stance! Not only will your ride look good, but it’ll also drive good, depending on the type of tire you opt for. Plus, tires have to be one of the most important parts of your ride and will transform the way it handles in various weather conditions. So if you’re looking to upgrade your ride for better performance and handling, it’s important that you start with some good tires to support your car goals.

3. Tinted Windows

Another must-have mod that your ride needs in 2022 is tinted windows. It’s a fairly cheap upgrade that can really make a difference in how your car looks and how comfortable you will be when driving. A quality tint on your car’s windows will help block heat from the sun, allowing you to stay cooler when driving and protect your car’s interior from fading in the sun. Plus, a flashy tint job will compliment your ride’s new Savini Wheels!

4. Upgraded Brakes

If you want some serious performance in 2022, think about upgrading your OEM brakes to aftermarket options. If you’re trying to boost performance, you’ll need some extra stopping power to handle all that horsepower increase. But even if you’re not planning to head to the track, upgrading your brakes is always a great idea (and a fairly cheap car mod upgrade). Even just opting for some quality brake pads can really improve your car’s stopping power and the safety of your ride.

5. New Exterior

If you’re itching for a totally new ride in 2022, why not just change the look of the exterior for a cheaper option?! Adding a wrap to your ride will not only match your new set of Savini Wheels but also change up its entire look and feel. You can opt for something bold and bright or keep it low key with a matte wrap in a basic black or grey. Whatever you choose, a new exterior via a car wrap will make those new Savini Rims that much better!

So what new upgrades and mods will you add to your ride in 2022?!

And we’d like to wish all of our customs and fans a Happy New Year!

3 Rides With Rose Gold Savini Wheels

When it comes to wheel finishes, you can get any color imaginable! This is especially helpful when you’re trying to build a show queen and have a specific color scheme or theme in mind. But even if you aren’t planning on hitting the show circuit, adding a bit of color to your wheels will make your vehicle stand out from others like it on the road.

We’ve done a wide variety of finishes, but we must say our rose gold finish is quite exceptional. It’s a color that’s lighter than bronze, yet not as bold as red, allowing your vehicle to floss in absolute style. We love the gorgeous color and have a few examples of vehicles with rose gold wheels so that you can see if it’s something you’d like to add to your own ride!

1. SV67

This LibertyWalk Lamborghini Huracan is bold on its own, but when you add some rose gold SV67 Savini Wheels to it, you’ve got a neck-breaking exotic that’ll elicit envious stares!

2. BM12-L

This red hot Prior-Design Nissan GT-R is a beauty after some forged Black di Forza rose gold Savinis were added!

3. BM15

Here’s a Jetta wearing a set of rose gold BM15s from Butler Tires & Wheels. The wheels definitely go great on white cars for a pop of color!

You can definitely opt to get rose gold Savini Wheels in our forged, Black di Forza and Savini Diamond lines. So if you’re looking for some rose gold rims, let us help you find a dealer near you by emailing us at!

Tommy Lee’s Ferrari F8 On SV-F5s | Savini Wheels

Tommy Lee is a rock legend! There’s nothing more to be said about such a musical icon whose career spans decades. The celebrity drummer first made waves with the famed rock band Mötley Crüe and his skills and music cemented him into cult status from then on. He’s since then founded rap metal band Methods of Mayhem, and has pursued solo musical projects. 

With an appetite for living life to the fullest, Tommy Lee is no stranger to fly rides and his latest machine is a Ferrari F8 that’s hot to trot and even hotter now that it’s flossing a set of flow formed SV-F5s. That’s right, we’ve dressed this legendary rock star’s fine Italian Stallion with some performance wheels that no only look sexy as hell, but also helps the ‘Rari maintain exceptional power numbers. These wheels won’t be adding any unwanted weight to his revved up horsepower numbers!

Flow forged wheels – like our SV-F wheel collection – are perfect for performance rides like the F8 since they are strong, durable and lightweight. The wheels won’t weigh down track-based cars and they’ll look amazing on and off the track. These flow formed wheels also feature more elongation and shock resistance in addition to the ability to up the load capacity over a regular cast wheel.

Because Tommy Lee likes to stand out, these SV-F5s also feature some red accents to make the exterior and style of the Ferrari really pop. The result is a ride fit for a musical icon!

What do you think of Tommy Lee’s F8 rocking some Savini Wheels? And if you’d like to rock his same style of wheels. message us at so the we can help you find a dealer near you!

New Wheel Alert: SV-F6

Did you hear the news?!

Gloss Black Double Dark Tint
New SV-F6 flow formed wheel style is now available for purchase!

We pride ourselves on providing tons of style options for automotive enthusiasts looking to personalize their rides and now we have added a new wheel style to our SV-F flow formed wheel collection. We’re currently offering SV-F1 through SV-F5 wheel styles, but now we’ve dropped the new SV-F6 to the mix. The new car wheel style is perfect for those who drive performance-based vehicles and are looking for something lightweight yet strong, which is why we designed it to be be stylish yet functional.

It’s all about the details with our SV-F6 car wheel

The flow forged wheel has an aggressive design with its multi-spokes that really turn heads no matter if you’re on the track or on the streets. As our strongest wheels to date, we use a combo of enhanced engineering and state-of-the-art flow forged technology to create a performance-based rim like no other. The new SV-F6 comes in either Gloss Black or Gloss Black Doubt Dark Tint finishes and 9X8.5, 19X9.5, 20X8.5, 20X9.0, 20X10, 20X11, 20X12, 21X9.0, 21X10.5, 21X12, 22X9.0, 22X10.5, 22X11, 22X12 sizes.

Right now we have plenty in stock, but act fast because this wheel style will go fast! You don’t want to be left waiting for a restock! Reach out to us at to find a local dealer near you! Not sure what wheels you should by from Savini? No prob! Just check out this blog post to learn more!

How To Buy Car Wheels

If you’re in the market for new car wheels, you’re probably searching various wheel company websites for the perfect wheel style. Or, you might scrolling on social media to find that perfect wheel set to complement your ride. There are various ways to buy car wheels, but here are our tips! After all, you want to make sure that you make the right investment since you’ll most likely have the wheels for quite a while!

1. Know The Type Of Wheel You Want

Before you go out on the hunt to buy car wheels, you’ll want to have an idea of what type of wheel you’ll want your ride to floss. Do you want something that’ll break necks at shows like a custom finished forged wheel would? Or maybe you have a performance vehicle and want style and something lightweight that flow formed wheels offer? Perhaps you just want something that’ll look good for your commute to work and something not that expensive, which is what cast wheels offer. Whatever the case is, having a wheel type in mind will help you with your car rim search!

2. Do Your Research

Now that you know what type of wheel you want, it’s time to do your homework! Researching wheels online and on social media will help you find that perfect set! Also, checking out wheel galleries to see what the wheels look like on similar rides will help you get an idea for your own ride. Don’t forget to use wheel configurators so that you can see your dream rims in rendering form!

3. Check Out Local Dealers

When in doubt, go to the experts to find your perfect Savini wheel set! We work with a variety of dealers across the globe so we definitely have an authorized Savini wheel dealer near you. Just DM us on socials or email us at to find one!

4. Scope Our Social Media

Another great place to check out wheels is obviously on social media. You can scoop out some of our best wheel styles on our various social accounts. @Saviniwheels on IG will showcase our various forged, cast and flow formed wheels, while our @SaviniDiamondWheels features our urban-inspired Diamond collection.

So when you’re looking for a new set of wheels for your precious ride, you can never go wrong with a set of Savini Wheels!

Top 5 Rides Wearing Bronze SV-F Savini Wheels

The great thing about wheels is that you can personalize them to whatever you’d like. You can choose the wheel style, configuration and finish, which is what really helps make a typical ride all your own. Wheel buying is all about personalization and you can be as flashy or as low key as you’d like. while some might prefer to stick with traditional black car rims when it comes to dressing up their ride, there are those who like to pop and be different! If this is what you’re looking for, bronze car wheels are a great choice! The bronze finish not only complements various vehicle colors, but they can really take an ordinary ride over the top. At Savini Wheels, we love bronze rims and have dressed a few rides with this exceptional color in our flow formed SV-F wheel styles. This collection was made for performance vehicle since they promote performance without sacrificing style!

Which is your favorite! Remember, if you like what you see and what a set for your own ride, make sure to email us at to find a dealer near you.

1. SV-F5 Matte Bronze

This sleek Corvette C8 looks extra fly thanks to some matte bronze flow formed Savini Wheels!

2. SV-F 4 Bronze

A Ferrari 488 benefits from some bold bronze wheels!

3. SV-F4 Bronze

To offset this bold blue hue, a set of bronze wheels were added for a stylish touch.

4. SV-F5 matte bronze

Bronze wheels fit the color scheme of this infectious Jag.

5. SV-F2 bronze

Smooth and clean makes you do a double take on this Ferrari!

Porsche Macan | SV-F 1 | Savini Wheels

When it comes to luxury SUVs, at the top of our list is a Porsche Macan. Starting from the $50K and up, it’s a gateway to luxury driving and exudes amazing design thanks to its elegant exterior styling. It’s definitely an SUV with a sports car character. There’s enough room for a family, yet behind the wheel, drivers experience a sporty driving experience that only comes from owning a Porsche. The copycat SUV features Porsche DNA that enthusiasts love and is recognizable from the sloping roof like and exterior contours.

Because we’re all about making your ride your own, this customized Macan is like no other. First off is the striking color – Wasabi green. It’s a bold and sporty choice for the compact SUV from Porsche and makes you do a double take when out in the streets. But the real highlight for us is the set of SV-F 1 flow form Savini Wheels it rides on. It’s the perfect choice of Porsche wheels given our SV-F collection is made for sports cars and their owners. With a emphasis on performance and style, it’s the perfect wheel for those who care about numbers given the flow forged wheel is lightweight, durable and looks amazing. Our SV-F flow formed wheel collection sports a number of different wheel styles to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a set, email us at so that we can help you find a dealer near you!.

What Are Wheel Profile Configurations?

When it comes to car wheels, there are so many different options that consumers can sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the choices. At Savini Wheels, we offer various wheel collections, each with their own sizes and finishes. Our Black di Forza BM series is our cast line and made for everyday rides, while our SV-F flow formed collection is for those looking for style and performance. But our forged wheel SV lineup offers customers even more ways to really personalize their wheels beyond finish and size thanks to the different configurations (or wheel profiles) that we offer.

Our SV line has 7 different profile configurations to choose from. This allows customers to further personalize their wheels and style preferences. Here’s a breakdown of some of our most requested profiles:

Signature – Our Signature profile is as straightforward as they come. It’s the SV wheel style without any lip or concaveness.

Step Lip Concave – The SL profile has one or two steps in the outer lip and utilizes a center disk that is 1″ smaller in diameter. This reduces weight, improves return on inertia and reduces unsprung mass. Many like the design since it has a unique concave spoke profile and signature undercut that also improves aerodynamics of your ride.

Duoblock – This 2-piece constructed wheel features the look of a one-piece monoblock and provides more depth than our XC profile.

Xtreme Concave – If you really want an aggressive look for your car, our XC profile is what you want! It features a staggering front and rear deep concave profile that also provides depth in the wheel’s outer rim halve for a stylish and eye-catching look.

Xtreme Lip Technology – our XLT profile improves the depth of the wheel’s outer rim half by adding a 2″ drop that pushes the assembly register back and maintains brake clearance for the majority of performance vehicles. It also stands out aesthetically.

You’ll be able to choose any of our SV wheel styles (more than 80 of them) in the profile configuration of your choice, finish that you’d like and size (up to 28″). So which wheel profile is your favorite?

You’ll be able to choose any of our SV wheel styles (more than 80 of them) in the profile configuration of your choice, finish that you’d like and size (up to 28″). So which wheel profile is your favorite? If you have any more questions in regards to Savini wheel profile configurations, email us at!

Top 4 Maseratis on Savini Wheels

When you think of Italian cars, Ferrari and Lamborghini might be the first two to come to mind. However, there’s another luxurious car manufacturer that should be thought of and that’s Maserati! The storied Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer was first established in 1914 and since then produced some of the finest vehicles on today’s roads. With an emblem of a trident, a Maserati exudes refinement and luxury.

Thanks to a combination of Italian style, elegance and performance, riding around in a Maserati will turn heads. Every model in the Maserati lineup is constructed with the utmost attention to detail and is considered a true masterpiece of Italian design. There are currently four different Maserati cars available: The Levante luxury SUV; the entry-level Ghibli; the Quattroporte which is the icon of Italian elegance; and the MC20, which is the first model of its kind.

But when any Maserati just won’t do, that’s where Savini Wheels can help take it up a notch! Adding a set of refined luxury wheels from Savini will definitely heighten the allure and presence of any Maserati model. Here are some of our favorite Maseratis sporting a set of our stylish wheels!

1.Maserati Ghibli on Black di Forza BM12s

For a sleek look, our BM12s pair nicely with this black Ghibli. The Black di Forza are our cast wheel collection and provide significant style and performance.

2. Maserati GranTurismo on SV67s

To really stand out, add some bold forged wheels in a bright hue! These Forged SV67 Savini Wheels add to the overall flair of this wide body Maserati sporting a body kit by Liberty Walk.

3. Maserati Ghibli on BM12-Ls

These BM12s are actually part of our forged Black di Forza collection and are finished in a brushed gold for a luxurious look. The gold really offsets the crisp white exterior! It also sports a WALD body kit for some extra points in the looks department.

4. Maserati GranTurismo on SV78s

When you want a Maserati unlike any other, wrap it in a Rose Gold exterior and add some flashy forged SV78 Savini Wheels to it!

So if you’re looking for Maserati wheels, Savini Wheels has what you need! From forged car wheels to cast car wheels, we have a style for everyone. Need help looking for wheels for your ride? Email and we’ll find a dealer near you!

Top 5 Old School Rides on Savini Wheels

There’s something about old school rides that drive everyone wild! From the body work to the style and all the upgrades, old school rides definitely have flair. Vintage rides like Chevy Impalas, Camaros and the like are stunners for sure, but add on some Savini Wheels and you’ve got a ride that’ll break necks. Here are a few old school rides flossing sets of Savini Wheels! Let us know in the comments which is your fave classic ride on Savinis!

1. Chevy Impala

Gold wheels are always in style, but add them to a vintage Impala like this droptop and you’ve got yourself a worthy street cruiser. These are our Savini Diamond Carpi wheels that add extra style to any urban ride!

2. Chevy Caprice

Imagine hitting the streets in this vintage Caprice styling on a set of Savini Diamond Lazio wheels? You’ll def. be the talk of the town in this classic ride!

3. Chevy Caprice

Here’s another Caprice stunner that’s rocking our Savini Diamond Marconi wheel design. Bold and beautiful makes these wheels stand out!

4. Chevy Impala

Another Impala for you to drool over! This hardtop Chevy is wearing a set of Savini Diamond Marconi wheels and they perfectly accentuate the stye of this old school ride.

5. Lincoln Continental

Golden wheels make a statement as they do on this Lincoln Continental wearing some C2-5 Savini Diamond Wheels!

Top 5 Rolls-Royce Models on Savini Wheels

When it comes to exclusive and luxury rides, nothing really beats Rolls-Royce. The storied British automotive manufacturer is known for some of the most expensive models on the planet. Owning a Rolls-Royce means you’re at the top of your game given you have a bank account with enough zeros to afford its shocking price tag. You’re a boss and baller if you roll around town in one. Being behind the wheel of a Rolls-Royce is a feeling like no other. With luxurious accents throughout the cabin, it’s more of an experience to drive around in a Rolls-Royce than just your normal commute.

Although the exterior of all Rolls-Royce models are perfection on their own, some want just a bit more of personalization and opt for a set of aftermarket wheels like from Savini Wheels. We’ve laced quite a few different Rolls-Royce models throughout the years, but here are some of the top rolling on our car wheels! Which is your favorite?

1.Ncredible Rolls Royce Wraith / NC1 / Savini Wheels

Ride like a true boss on Savini Wheels! This Rolls-Royce Wraith was done up by Ncredible Motorsports and flosses a set of all-new NC1 Gloss Black wheels with red hardware.

2. Rolls-Royce Cullinan | Savini SL3 | Savini Wheels

We showcased Nick Cannon’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan at the 2020 Toyo Virtual Tread Pass! This big boss rides on a set of Savini SL3 wheels, which are made for some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles.

3. Roadstarr Motorsports Rolls-Royce Wraith | BM13 | Savini Wheels

Rolling around on Black di Forza BM13 Savini Wheels like a boss in a Rolls-Royce Wraith dressed up by Roadstarr Motorsports.

4. Ncredible Cullinan | NCO5-D | Savini Wheels

These NC05-D wheels are a sight to behold and perfectly complement the prestige of the Cullinan! The Ncredible x Savini line is a collaboration with Nick Cannon and his iconic brand, delivering enthusiasts an exclusive wheel collection.

5. NCREDIBLE Rolls-Royce Ghost | SL1 | Savini Wheels

This Ghost is straight out of a CEO’s playbook with its powerful stance and executive good looks. The Ghost is the definition of greatness and inspires all to work hard to maybe one day be able to afford such a lavish ride. To proclaim its exclusive status, we’ve added a new set of SL1 Savini Wheels. These SL wheels are made for rides that scream luxury. Crafted from quality materials using the most state-of-the-art technology, the Savini Luxury collection of wheels provide function and style without having to replace the luxurious center cap for such vehicles, including Rolls-Royces.

You can really use any of our Savini Wheels collections on a Rolls-Royce, including our Forged line, Black di Forza collection and our special SL wheels (which keep the OEM center cap) and NCredible styles.