Jeep Trackhawk | SV93xc | Savini Wheels

Although the Jeep Trackhawk isn’t the usual sort of vehicle you’d typically see a set of Savini Forged wheels on, it just goes to show that our wheels are made for every type of vehicle (and they look good on all kinds of vehicles, too). But the Trackhawk isn’t just any type of car, either. In fact, the Jeep Trackhawk resulted from a partnership with Jeep and the popular Hellcat V8, which resulted in a combination that offered drivers both power and comfort when it was first released in 2018.

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk changes the standard Jeep Cherokee formula by upgrading its off-road capabilities for a newfound ability to speed on racetracks. New upgrades include a bigger braking system using Brembo brakes, sport suspension, an aggressive exterior and a Hellcat HEMI V8 engine that adds some powerful hp to the SUV. It’s one of the most powerful SUVs ever and one of the fastest while also having excellent off-road abilities.

Even if this particular version doesn’t hit the trails, it pounds the pavement on a set of stylish SV93 forged Savini Wheels. This particular wheel style was new for 2022 and is featured in our XC configuration (extreme concave) for an aggressive stance in a matte black with red accents finish to match the Trackhawk’s exterior. Available in various configurations and finishes, the wheel is the perfect addition to any ride. If you’d like to add a set to your own vehicle, email us at to locate a dealer near you!

Rolls-Royce Wraith | SV75 | Savini Wheels

It’s sad to think that 2023 will be the end of production for the Rolls-Royce Wraith (and their Dawn model). The final Wraith will likely roll off assembly lines in early 2023, before the highly anticipated all-electric Spectre drops in late 2023. While the luxury automaker has no plans to replace these two popular models with new ones as it looks to a more electric-focused future, we can still bask in older Wraiths’ beauty, grace and luxurious features.

The Wraith first appeared on the auto scene in 1938 and reappeared as a new coupe in 2013. The name “wraith” comes from an old Scottish word that means “ghost,” which is another model in the luxury Rolls-Royce lineup, as many already know. The newest edition is considered as “the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history,” with a turbocharged 6.6-lite V12 engine that pushes out 624hp, which is about 10% more power than what the new Phantom or Cullinan has.

Just like its brethren, the Wraith drips luxury in every corner of the vehicle. Made with sumptuous materials across most surfaces, there are four perfectly proportioned seats, with plenty of head and leg room to space. Then there are the bespoke additions made for a buyer’s personal tastes, like a color-matched interior and so much more.

Of course, no refined machine should be without a set of new shoes and this Rolls-Royce Wraith glides along the pavement on a set of Forged SV75 Savini Wheels in a bright brushed red finish that exudes “look-at-me” vibes. The multi-spoke wheel design perfectly complements the elegance of the Wraith, while the bold red color offsets the crisp, clean white of the exterior paint.

Our Forged SV car rims are meticulously designed and cut from only the best aluminum in a multi-piece construction with (7) different profile configurations and a wide variety of custom finishes. This SV75 is featured in our Duoblock profile, which provides more depth than our Xtreme Concave configuration and combines it with our Mono configuration to provide a revolutionary 2-piece constructed versatile wheel without compromising performance and comfort.

If you’re keen on this wheel style and want to style it for your own ride, message us at to locate a dealer near you! All our Forged SV car rims are made to order at our Anaheim, CA, location and take a few weeks for delivery. So spice up your own Wraith (or whatever vehicle your drive), with a set of Forged SV Savini Wheels today!