What Car Wheels Should I Buy?

There’s a ton of car wheel options on the market today, so it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when looking to purchase new rims. Factor in several wheel collections for each car wheel brand and the decision can often times be very confusing. But at Savini Wheels, we want your buying experience to be as seamless as possible.

Because we’re often asked “What car wheels should I buy?” by customers, here’s a quick breakdown of our collections and who they are for!

Everyday Wheels

For customers looking to amp up style on their daily rides, our Black di Forza wheel line is perfect for their needs and wallet. As one of our less expensive lines, the BM wheels offer superiors styling in a variety of fitments and classy finishes. These cast wheels are perfect for any type of vehicle on the market and can really elevate the look of your ride the second you add a set. They also come in a forged wheel option, too!

Machined Black
Our BM12 Wheel is a very popular option!

Performance Minded

Many customers base their wheel buying decision on performance. After all, they floss a performance vehicle and want to make sure they’e not sacrificing power for style. The great thing about new wheel technology is that you don’t have to make that choice anymore since there are specially designed wheels for just this purpose! The wheels are flow formed and undergo a special manufacturing process to ensure they are super light and durable to enhance a car’s performance numbers. Our SV-F collection is super sporty and keeps weight down if that’s what you’re looking for in car wheels. And if you love the look of these styles, we also offer them in a forged wheel, too!

The SV-F2 wheel design in action

Ultimate Luxe & Style

For those who simply want to look good comes our Forged collection. The SV line comes in more than 80 different wheel styles, has a variety of fitments and finish options. If you are looking to show off your ride at events or just really want to stand out from the crowd and personalize your ride, the SV collection is what you want! Our forged wheel collection are meticulously designed and machined for ultimate exterior enhancement.

The Forged SV64XC Gloss Black Shocker Yellow Lip wheel

Star Power Wheels

We have a special partnership with Nick Cannon and thus our Ncredible x Savini collection reflects his high standards for wheels and style. If icon and star status is. your thing, these wheels are for you!

Show Queen Status

If you want to break necks at shows and want to add some extra flair to your ride, our Savini Diamond wheels do just that! With eye-catching styles and finishes, you’ll want to parade your ride all around town with a set slammed on your old school or new school ride!

The Savini Diamond Veneto Wheel

We work with authorized dealers across the globe, so if you see something that catches your eye, email us at sales@saviniwheels.com! So which wheel collection is your favorite!

What Are Wheel Profile Configurations?

When it comes to car wheels, there are so many different options that consumers can sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the choices. At Savini Wheels, we offer various wheel collections, each with their own sizes and finishes. Our Black di Forza BM series is our cast line and made for everyday rides, while our SV-F flow formed collection is for those looking for style and performance. But our forged wheel SV lineup offers customers even more ways to really personalize their wheels beyond finish and size thanks to the different configurations (or wheel profiles) that we offer.

Our SV line has 7 different profile configurations to choose from. This allows customers to further personalize their wheels and style preferences. Here’s a breakdown of some of our most requested profiles:

Signature – Our Signature profile is as straightforward as they come. It’s the SV wheel style without any lip or concaveness.

Step Lip Concave – The SL profile has one or two steps in the outer lip and utilizes a center disk that is 1″ smaller in diameter. This reduces weight, improves return on inertia and reduces unsprung mass. Many like the design since it has a unique concave spoke profile and signature undercut that also improves aerodynamics of your ride.

Duoblock – This 2-piece constructed wheel features the look of a one-piece monoblock and provides more depth than our XC profile.

Xtreme Concave – If you really want an aggressive look for your car, our XC profile is what you want! It features a staggering front and rear deep concave profile that also provides depth in the wheel’s outer rim halve for a stylish and eye-catching look.

Xtreme Lip Technology – our XLT profile improves the depth of the wheel’s outer rim half by adding a 2″ drop that pushes the assembly register back and maintains brake clearance for the majority of performance vehicles. It also stands out aesthetically.

You’ll be able to choose any of our SV wheel styles (more than 80 of them) in the profile configuration of your choice, finish that you’d like and size (up to 28″). So which wheel profile is your favorite?

You’ll be able to choose any of our SV wheel styles (more than 80 of them) in the profile configuration of your choice, finish that you’d like and size (up to 28″). So which wheel profile is your favorite? If you have any more questions in regards to Savini wheel profile configurations, email us at sales@saviniwheels.com!

Top 4 Maseratis on Savini Wheels

When you think of Italian cars, Ferrari and Lamborghini might be the first two to come to mind. However, there’s another luxurious car manufacturer that should be thought of and that’s Maserati! The storied Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer was first established in 1914 and since then produced some of the finest vehicles on today’s roads. With an emblem of a trident, a Maserati exudes refinement and luxury.

Thanks to a combination of Italian style, elegance and performance, riding around in a Maserati will turn heads. Every model in the Maserati lineup is constructed with the utmost attention to detail and is considered a true masterpiece of Italian design. There are currently four different Maserati cars available: The Levante luxury SUV; the entry-level Ghibli; the Quattroporte which is the icon of Italian elegance; and the MC20, which is the first model of its kind.

But when any Maserati just won’t do, that’s where Savini Wheels can help take it up a notch! Adding a set of refined luxury wheels from Savini will definitely heighten the allure and presence of any Maserati model. Here are some of our favorite Maseratis sporting a set of our stylish wheels!

1.Maserati Ghibli on Black di Forza BM12s

For a sleek look, our BM12s pair nicely with this black Ghibli. The Black di Forza are our cast wheel collection and provide significant style and performance.

2. Maserati GranTurismo on SV67s

To really stand out, add some bold forged wheels in a bright hue! These Forged SV67 Savini Wheels add to the overall flair of this wide body Maserati sporting a body kit by Liberty Walk.

3. Maserati Ghibli on BM12-Ls

These BM12s are actually part of our forged Black di Forza collection and are finished in a brushed gold for a luxurious look. The gold really offsets the crisp white exterior! It also sports a WALD body kit for some extra points in the looks department.

4. Maserati GranTurismo on SV78s

When you want a Maserati unlike any other, wrap it in a Rose Gold exterior and add some flashy forged SV78 Savini Wheels to it!

So if you’re looking for Maserati wheels, Savini Wheels has what you need! From forged car wheels to cast car wheels, we have a style for everyone. Need help looking for wheels for your ride? Email sales@saviniwheels.com and we’ll find a dealer near you!