Top 5 Old School Rides on Savini Wheels

There’s something about old school rides that drive everyone wild! From the body work to the style and all the upgrades, old school rides definitely have flair. Vintage rides like Chevy Impalas, Camaros and the like are stunners for sure, but add on some Savini Wheels and you’ve got a ride that’ll break necks. Here are a few old school rides flossing sets of Savini Wheels! Let us know in the comments which is your fave classic ride on Savinis!

1. Chevy Impala

Gold wheels are always in style, but add them to a vintage Impala like this droptop and you’ve got yourself a worthy street cruiser. These are our Savini Diamond Carpi wheels that add extra style to any urban ride!

2. Chevy Caprice

Imagine hitting the streets in this vintage Caprice styling on a set of Savini Diamond Lazio wheels? You’ll def. be the talk of the town in this classic ride!

3. Chevy Caprice

Here’s another Caprice stunner that’s rocking our Savini Diamond Marconi wheel design. Bold and beautiful makes these wheels stand out!

4. Chevy Impala

Another Impala for you to drool over! This hardtop Chevy is wearing a set of Savini Diamond Marconi wheels and they perfectly accentuate the stye of this old school ride.

5. Lincoln Continental

Golden wheels make a statement as they do on this Lincoln Continental wearing some C2-5 Savini Diamond Wheels!