Acura NSX | SV-F3 | Savini Wheels

Ever since the Acura NSX dropped, it’s been a favored super car by many thanks to its good looks and more than capable performance. It’s so hot right now that Road & Track named it their 2017 Performance Car of the Year! Custom NSX’s have been popping up everywhere as tuners and owner try to leave their mark on on the hottest cars on the market. Although, alrady a looker on its own, many see the Acura NSX as a blank canvas and want to make their masterpiece!

All  You Need Are The Right Wheels

But no matter what mods you dress an NSX with, you can never go wrong with a set of bangin’ wheels! Whether it’s an all out aftermarket transformation or a few simple changes, a new set of wheels- like these Savini SV-F3s – will make any NSX really stand out.The new line from Savini uses innovative flow form technolgy to create the new collection made esepcially for performance-minded consumers. 

New SV-F Wheels

The new SV-F wheels are perfect for an NSX given the fact that they are made esepcially for perfromance vehicles. All SV-F wheels are precison engineerd using our patent Mono Form Technology, resulting in lighter, stronger and stylish wheels! Currently, there are three different SV-F wheel styles, each looking as amazing as the next.