Top 5 Rides Wearing Bronze SV-F Savini Wheels

The great thing about wheels is that you can personalize them to whatever you’d like. You can choose the wheel style, configuration and finish, which is what really helps make a typical ride all your own. Wheel buying is all about personalization and you can be as flashy or as low key as you’d like. while some might prefer to stick with traditional black car rims when it comes to dressing up their ride, there are those who like to pop and be different! If this is what you’re looking for, bronze car wheels are a great choice! The bronze finish not only complements various vehicle colors, but they can really take an ordinary ride over the top. At Savini Wheels, we love bronze rims and have dressed a few rides with this exceptional color in our flow formed SV-F wheel styles. This collection was made for performance vehicle since they promote performance without sacrificing style!

Which is your favorite! Remember, if you like what you see and what a set for your own ride, make sure to email us at to find a dealer near you.

1. SV-F5 Matte Bronze

This sleek Corvette C8 looks extra fly thanks to some matte bronze flow formed Savini Wheels!

2. SV-F 4 Bronze

A Ferrari 488 benefits from some bold bronze wheels!

3. SV-F4 Bronze

To offset this bold blue hue, a set of bronze wheels were added for a stylish touch.

4. SV-F5 matte bronze

Bronze wheels fit the color scheme of this infectious Jag.

5. SV-F2 bronze

Smooth and clean makes you do a double take on this Ferrari!

Porsche Macan | SV-F 1 | Savini Wheels

When it comes to luxury SUVs, at the top of our list is a Porsche Macan. Starting from the $50K and up, it’s a gateway to luxury driving and exudes amazing design thanks to its elegant exterior styling. It’s definitely an SUV with a sports car character. There’s enough room for a family, yet behind the wheel, drivers experience a sporty driving experience that only comes from owning a Porsche. The copycat SUV features Porsche DNA that enthusiasts love and is recognizable from the sloping roof like and exterior contours.

Because we’re all about making your ride your own, this customized Macan is like no other. First off is the striking color – Wasabi green. It’s a bold and sporty choice for the compact SUV from Porsche and makes you do a double take when out in the streets. But the real highlight for us is the set of SV-F 1 flow form Savini Wheels it rides on. It’s the perfect choice of Porsche wheels given our SV-F collection is made for sports cars and their owners. With a emphasis on performance and style, it’s the perfect wheel for those who care about numbers given the flow forged wheel is lightweight, durable and looks amazing. Our SV-F flow formed wheel collection sports a number of different wheel styles to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a set, email us at so that we can help you find a dealer near you!.