Impressive Wrap x LTMW BMW i8 | SV80 | Savini Wheels

The BMW i8 is as sleek as sports cars come. Ever since it was first introduced back in 2014, thei i8 has been making waves in the automotive industry. Customizers love it's bold exterior, while drivers appreacite its good looks and electric mobility. As the sports car of tomorrow, the BMW i8 will continue to be a well loved vehicle in the years to come as hybrids become the automotive of choice. 

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Lamborghini Urus | SV-F2 | Savini Wheels | Impressive Wrap

There's no denying the allure of a Lamborghini. As one of the most sought after exotic automobile manufacturers, Lamborghinis are vehicles practically everyone dreams of owning one day. These machines are crafted with such care, quality and refinement that owning one provides a status symbol of good taste and wealth. While Lamborghini's exotic supercars will never go out of style, the auto manufacturer needed to keep up with the times and keep up with the competition when it came to providing a roomier SUV option. Several years in the making, Lamborghini finally released their highly anticipated Urus!

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Purist Winter Drive Event 2018 | Savini Wheels

The Purist Group  is a unique collection of people and a littledifferent from other car groups you may encounter on the Internet. Many of the members in the group are well-known drivers, journalist, tuners, car collectors and and overall car geeks. But alll are solid and respectful gear-heads. Each year, the group hosts various events and this year's Winter Drive event was held on Sunday, December 9th at the Industry Hills Expo Center. The event was a huge car show and charity event, with thousands of guests in attendance to support the toy drive. Savini Wheels had a booth that showcased a few rides, including a  Wald Rolls-Royce Wraith on 24" BM16D Forged Wheels, Lamborghini Huracan on SV67D in Brushed Champagne, and a new Lamborghini Urus on SVF2 Black w/ Double Dark Tint by Impressive Wrap. For GRID, there was a Fab Fours Jeep JL on GD9 in custom Camo w/ Black + milled, Bulletproof Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon on GD9 s and ATV racer Katie V brought her Pre-Runner and signed autographs for fans. 

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LA Auto Show 2018 | Savini Wheels

As soon as SEMA ends, we're already gearing up for the LA Auto Show and this year's showcase was lit! Held from November 30 through December 9th aht the LA Convention Center, we made sure to bring the heat to the biggest local car show of the year. We had a few rides located in "The Garage" section of the show, which is where car culture thrives. Here, guests were able to check out exciting collections of notable tuners, customized exotics and aftermarket goods and services. We were inside the DUB LIVE! area and brought out the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador limited edition by LTMW x Impressive (which was a favorite at SEMA), Liberty Walk BMW i8 by Impressive Wrap, Liberty Walk GT-R Type II by Doczilla and the Old New Porsche 996 by LTMW by LTMW - all sitting pretty on Savini Wheels! The widebody Ford Mustang by CGS Performance was featured in the Ford display on Savini Wheels (check out the video below) and a favorite by many. And we can't forget the Monster Ford on GRID Off-Road Wheels.  It was a great turnout and we're excited for next year's show. Now we're headed into 2019 and ready to take show season by storm!

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Savini x HyreCar SEMA 2018

SEMA has come and gone, but we're still high off of all the buzz! Anyone in the industry knows how challenging the weeks up to SEMA are as you prepare for the world's biggest aftermarket show. The "SEMA crunch" is insane, but it's all worth it in the end when you see everyone adoring a ride or rig wearing your sticker! This year's show was one for the books as we showcased some of the best vehicles on the Las Vegas Convention Floor. We partnered up with HyreCar for the show and here's a rundown of what was sporting our wheels:

  • WALD Rolls-Royce on all-new Black di Forza BM16s. But what makes these special is the fact that they're a forged Duoblock configuration, which is a first for our BM line!
  • Creative Bespoke dressed up a super hot McLaren 720S with a Mansory kit and set of SV79-C brushed burnt orange wheels. They also debuted their Lamborghini Huracan wearing a Prior-Design kit on SV83-C Savinis wrapped in Toyo rubber.
  • LTMW brought out a few rides on Savinis, including a widebody Porsche Martini 996 on SV63-Ls and a red hot Porsche 997. 
  • CGS Motorsports displayed their widebody 2019 Mustang in association with Ford on SV78-Cs. 
  • Doczilla knows a thing or two about hot rides and never disappoints when it comes to builds at SEMA and this year he brought out his Liberty Walk GT-R Type II on SV65-Cs with carbon fiber centers. 
  • We can't forget our beautiful models who gave show-goers a bit more eye candy, including Marie Madore (@marie_madore), Britani Paige (@msbrittanipaige) and Allyson Joy (@missallyjoy). 

We love SEMA no matter how crazy the weeks leading up to the show are. A huge shout-out to HyreCar for collaborating with us this year! Learn "mobility" tools today with HyreCar, so you can make money immediately and feed the traditional ends of your business. 

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Car Play With Cain Velasquez | SV-F | Savini Wheels

We recently followed UFC fighter Cain Velasquez for a track day at the the "Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge" at Fontana Speedway, where he took his daily driver - a 2017 Porsche Macan GTS - for a spin! But it's no regular Macan as he made sure to give it some performance mods, including a set of SV-F wheels (20x10 in the front and 20x11 in the rear)! Our new flow form collection combine our patented "Mono Form Technology" with exceptional design to create strong, lightweight and stylish wheels. Other performance mods include a K&N air filter and Michelin rubber. Check out his latest feature in DUB Magazine, where he also shows off his Slingshot rocking Savini Wheels! 

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Wekfest LA 2018 | Savini Wheels

Each year, we always try to represent at a few events to showcase our wheels and a few rides dressed with them. But no matter what, we'll always be at Wekfest LA shows! It's one of our highly anticpated events and we always show up with ony the best of the best. Wekfest is known as the "dopest car show in the nation" and we agree! This year's LA stop went down on Sunday, August 5th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

The Hottest Car Show Around

Wekfest has been around since 2008 and has grwon over the years. it started in an undeground garage in Japantown in San Francisco and has grown to be an 8-stop show across the Unities States, with one special show in Japan. It's an event that brings out some of the hottest rides around town, as well big shots in the aftermarket industry. The show Wekfest celebrates refined automotive passion while belnding the sub cultures of today's car culture. The result is a well rounded autmotive event with eye candy all around. From the cars to the models, there's hottness at every show!

The Savini Wheels Showcase 

We showed up to Wekfest 2018 with the most eye-catching ride there - Eric Bellinger's Neon Green i8 on BM12s werapped by Ezie Wraps. Between that and our model Marie Madore, we had the hottest display at the show! We also showed up with Impressvie Wrap and debuted their new Off White i8 on BM14s, in addition to the Impressive Wrap x LTMW x Clinched F80. The LIberty Walk GT-R on SV71 got a lot of love, too! LTMW represented strong with a few of their builds, including the LTMW x Liberty Walk Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG on BM15-Ls, LTMW x Rocket Bunny Mercedes-Benz CLK, LTMW BMW M4 on SV-F1s and BMW M3 on SV-F1s.

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Acura NSX | SV-F3 | Savini Wheels

Ever since the Acura NSX dropped, it's been a favored super car by many thanks to its good looks and more than capable performance. It's so hot right now that Road & Track named it their 2017 Performance Car of the Year! Custom NSX's have been popping up everywhere as tuners and owner try to leave their mark on on the hottest cars on the market. Although, alrady a looker on its own, many see the Acura NSX as a blank canvas and want to make their masterpiece!

All  You Need Are The Right Wheels

But no matter what mods you dress an NSX with, you can never go wrong with a set of bangin' wheels! Whether it's an all out aftermarket transformation or a few simple changes, a new set of wheels- like these Savini SV-F3s - will make any NSX really stand out.The new line from Savini uses innovative flow form technolgy to create the new collection made esepcially for performance-minded consumers. 

New SV-F Wheels

The new SV-F wheels are perfect for an NSX given the fact that they are made esepcially for perfromance vehicles. All SV-F wheels are precison engineerd using our patent Mono Form Technology, resulting in lighter, stronger and stylish wheels! Currently, there are three different SV-F wheel styles, each looking as amazing as the next.

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Karma Revero | Black di Forza BM15-L | Savini Wheels

The Fisker Karma is the latest new kid on the plug-in hybrid block, sporting a distinct look the screams luxury at every angle. Sleek, speedy and sexy, the Revero is Karma's flagship vehicle that's been voted the 2018 Luxury Green Car of the year. With its endless torque prodced by its dual electric motors, you'll be more than satisfied with its smooth performance numbers, while loving the drivability of this luxury performance car that features the sprint of a GT. And if you drive less than 50 miles a day, you'll never have to buy gas again. If you do more, feed its engine to recharge the battery and get up to 300 miles of range. There's even a solar roof that powers the car! An impressive machine on its own, add some Black di Forza BM15-L Savini Wheels and you've got yourself a luxury stunner! 

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XS Car Night Long Beach 2018 | Savini Wheels

It's car show season and we attended the XS Car Night Long Beach car meet earlier in March, which was bascially a day at the beach with some of the hottest rides! The show is known for showcasing only the cleanest builds around, from imports to sports cars and more! The meet was located at Shoreline Park, with the rides parked on the lawn and water's edge, making for some great photo ops! We brought Lamborghini Huracan on SV67s in brushed gunmetal, Rolls-Rolls Wraith on new Savini Forged x NCredible collection and the Benz AMG GTS on SV64s from Impressive Wrap!


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