SV-F4 Mono Form Technology Wheels For BMW SUVs

Looking for new wheels for your BMW SUV?

We’ve covered you with a set of SV-F4 mono form Savini Wheels. Our SV-F collection utilizes mono-form technology, which is an advanced engineering technique that creates stronger, lighter and more durable wheels, which translates to improved performance for your BMW SUV. These wheels also feature greater strength and shock resistance for a smoother ride. Plus, our SV-4 BMW wheels are beautifully crafted and will enhance the overall aesthetics of your BMW X5M, BMW X5M Competition, BMW X5 M50i, BMW X6M, BMW X6M Competition, BMW X6 M50i, and BMW X7.

We currently have SV-F4s available in sizes 22×10, 22×11 and 22×12, all perfect fitments for the BMW SUVs mentioned above. Please email us at to locate a Savini Wheels dealer near you!

Matte Bronze Gloss Graphite Gloss Black Milled