Chevy Corvette C8 | SV-F5 | Savini Wheels

The Corvette C8 is the first mid-engined ‘Vette in history, and that’s a big deal. Some are touting it as the best Corvette ever made and that’s a huge statement. With looks closer to an Italian exotic than previous generations, the C8 is a thing of beauty with some serious power. Add in that the base C8 is just a twinge under $60K, makes it more affordable than other exotics it’s chasing after.

With superior exterior styling cues, there’s not much you want to change on a C8. However, no Chevy C8 would be complete without a set of some new wheels. And our SV-F flow-forged line was perfect! These flow formed wheels are made for performance vehicles like the Corvette.

Flow-formed wheels undergo a special flow-forming process that improves the strength of the wheels’ barrel. The process starts out much like a regular cast wheel, but then goes one step further when the wheel is transferred to a special machine and spun while heated at certain temps. Then a forming die is pressed up against the barrel of the wheel at very high pressures and this forges out the shape of the barrel. This decreases the weight of the wheel while still improving its strength.

Buying Corvette Wheels

If you’re a performance enthusiast and want to push the limits of your Corvette on the track, flow-forged SV-F wheels are your best bet when buying Corvette wheels. You’ll be able to take to the track like a pro, while also impressing on the streets for regular commutes.

With the SV-F line, you can choose between 5 different styles to suit your preferences. This particular C8 sports our SV-F5 wheels, which definitely enhance the stance, performance and looks of the American exotic. These Savini flow-forged wheels come in a variety of finishes, including Gloss Black with DDT, Gloss Black and Matte Bronze. They are available in various sizes, including 20X8.5, 20X9.0, 20X10, 20X11, 20X12, 21X10.5, 21X12, 22X9.0, 22X10, 22X11. If you need help finding a Savini Dealer near you, reach out to us at!

BMW Alpina B7 | SV60D | Savini Wheels

BMW is a notable automotive manufacturer known for their Baravian beauties. What many love about Bimmers is their sleek style and their affordability. But for those that want something more from the German automaker – something that exudes luxury from every ounce of its presence – comes the Alpina B7

With an MSRP that starts at $143,200, this Bimmer is for everybody. It’s for those that care for attention to detail (and can afford such a hefty price tag). The Alpina B7 is fined-tuned by reputable Bavarian master craftsmen to create an exquisite sedan that reflects refinement in everything from what’s under the hood, its exterior design, interior accessories and more.

This unique machine is unlike anything else on the road and you don’t see many on the streets. It’s exclusivity is what makes it appealing and it’s definitely a performance-based vehicle with its V8 Bi-Turbo engine that delivers 600 ponies. Its aerodynamic kit mixes design and engineering to direct airflow into the vehicle’s cooling system, which reduces lift. This enhances its handling, style and, of course, performance.

Inside, enhanced instruments help make driving comfier and more luxurious, with its distinctive color palette and innovative digital instrument cluster and more. The Alpina badging lets the world know that you’re driving something special and perfectly complements the BMW Roundel inside the interior trim.

But no BMW Alpina B7 is complete without some distinctive wheels, which is why this particular black beauty was laced with a set of forged Savini SVSV60D wheels. Although the BMW Alpina B7 didn’t really need any exterior upgrades, a new set of Savini Wheels were the perfect addition to level up its styling. A set of forged BMW wheels like these really sets off the entire look of the Bimmer.

Savini forged BMW wheels are perfect for this BMW Alpina B7 and they’d be perfect for your Bimmer, too! We have more than 80 different forged wheels for cars to choose from, so we know you’ll find a style that you absolutely love for your vehicle. Looking for a dealer? Email us at!