New Wheel Alert: BM17

Have you heard the news?!

Gloss Black

We’ve added a new wheel style to our Black di Forza wheel collection. We’re currently offering BM12 through BM16 wheel styles, but now we’ve dropped BM17 to the mix. The new car wheel style is perfect for everyday rides, which is why we designed it to be spectacular, elegant and impressive.

The BM17 car rim features a classic 5-spoke star design that will add to your ride’s overall exterior look. Like the other BM rim styles, BM17 is manufactured from a single block of cast aluminum and is perfect for everyday use. It comes in three different finishes, including standout Matte Bronze, sleek Gloss Black and dramatic Gloss Black w/ Double Dark Tint. It comes in various sizes, including 19X8.5, 19X9.5, 20X8.5, 20X10, 20X10.5, 21X9.0, 21X10.5, 22X9.0, and 22X10.5.

Right now we have plenty in stock, but act fast because this wheel style will go fast! You don’t want to be left waiting for a restock! Reach out to us at to find a local dealer near you!

3 Rides With Red Wheels

There’s something powerful about the color red. The bold hue has a range of meanings and symbols as it is often associated with love, passion, life, courage and anger. It’s the color to wear when you stand out and can really make a statement. That’s why so many drive around in red cars and the reason why some of the world’s supercars always floss this vibrant color. Women might have their red bottom Loubs, but men have some red bottom rims when they want to ride around and floss. And we’ve dressed tons of rigs with red wheels for the ultimate look! So if you’re looking for some red wheel inspiration, check out some of our fanciest and standout rides wearing some red bottom Savinis!


Add some red Savini Wheels to your white ride for a complementary look that will def. break necks!

2. SV62

While red and white really turn heads, this black and red color combo can’t be beat!

3. BM13

Love the look of our Black di Forza collection but want a stand to finish? No problem because you can opt for custom finishes for our BM line, too!

While those are a few rides flossing some red bottoms, we’ve got plenty more red wheels for cars to choose from!


2. SV84

3. SX5

4. SV82

5. BM15-L

Matte Red Brushed Lip

6. Savini Diamond Veneto

See something you like? Hit up and we’ll find you a dealer near you so that you can floss around in some red rims too!