Tommy Lee’s Ferrari F8 On SV-F5s | Savini Wheels

Tommy Lee is a rock legend! There’s nothing more to be said about such a musical icon whose career spans decades. The celebrity drummer first made waves with the famed rock band Mötley Crüe and his skills and music cemented him into cult status from then on. He’s since then founded rap metal band Methods of Mayhem, and has pursued solo musical projects. 

With an appetite for living life to the fullest, Tommy Lee is no stranger to fly rides and his latest machine is a Ferrari F8 that’s hot to trot and even hotter now that it’s flossing a set of flow formed SV-F5s. That’s right, we’ve dressed this legendary rock star’s fine Italian Stallion with some performance wheels that no only look sexy as hell, but also helps the ‘Rari maintain exceptional power numbers. These wheels won’t be adding any unwanted weight to his revved up horsepower numbers!

Flow forged wheels – like our SV-F wheel collection – are perfect for performance rides like the F8 since they are strong, durable and lightweight. The wheels won’t weigh down track-based cars and they’ll look amazing on and off the track. These flow formed wheels also feature more elongation and shock resistance in addition to the ability to up the load capacity over a regular cast wheel.

Because Tommy Lee likes to stand out, these SV-F5s also feature some red accents to make the exterior and style of the Ferrari really pop. The result is a ride fit for a musical icon!

What do you think of Tommy Lee’s F8 rocking some Savini Wheels? And if you’d like to rock his same style of wheels. message us at so the we can help you find a dealer near you!

New Wheel Alert: SV-F6

Did you hear the news?!

Gloss Black Double Dark Tint
New SV-F6 flow formed wheel style is now available for purchase!

We pride ourselves on providing tons of style options for automotive enthusiasts looking to personalize their rides and now we have added a new wheel style to our SV-F flow formed wheel collection. We’re currently offering SV-F1 through SV-F5 wheel styles, but now we’ve dropped the new SV-F6 to the mix. The new car wheel style is perfect for those who drive performance-based vehicles and are looking for something lightweight yet strong, which is why we designed it to be be stylish yet functional.

It’s all about the details with our SV-F6 car wheel

The flow forged wheel has an aggressive design with its multi-spokes that really turn heads no matter if you’re on the track or on the streets. As our strongest wheels to date, we use a combo of enhanced engineering and state-of-the-art flow forged technology to create a performance-based rim like no other. The new SV-F6 comes in either Gloss Black or Gloss Black Doubt Dark Tint finishes and 9X8.5, 19X9.5, 20X8.5, 20X9.0, 20X10, 20X11, 20X12, 21X9.0, 21X10.5, 21X12, 22X9.0, 22X10.5, 22X11, 22X12 sizes.

Right now we have plenty in stock, but act fast because this wheel style will go fast! You don’t want to be left waiting for a restock! Reach out to us at to find a local dealer near you! Not sure what wheels you should by from Savini? No prob! Just check out this blog post to learn more!