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Between doing constant maintenance and driving extra carefully to avoid the slightest dent, taking care of a luxury vehicle can be stressful at times. You need to take every opportunity available to keep the car in good health and avoid any significant mechanical problems. Here are six simple tips to increase the life of your luxury car.

1.     Wash It Weekly

Luxury cars are often more sensitive to the elements than average vehicles, both inside and out. Get into the habit of washing your car about once a week to avoid the accumulation of debris and keep the paint job looking brand-new. You don’t have to wax and detail the exterior every week, but a thorough cleaning should be your new benchmark.

You should also vacuum the seats, doors, floors, dashboard, and consoles during your weekly cleaning. Make sure you use a car cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth, not household cleaning products and a random dish towel. A bristle brush is also an effective tool for removing stubborn dirt from the lining of the seats.

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2.     Do Regular Filter and Fluid Inspections

Another maintenance habit you should develop for your luxury car is getting regular filter and fluid changes. The air and oil filters can clog up fast and damage the engine, so you need to replace them eagerly and often. Inspect the oil and coolant reservoirs to make sure the fluids are in good condition.

Oil starts out honey-colored and turns almost black over time, but you shouldn’t let it get any dirtier than dark brown. The engine coolant should remain a consistent 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water. Staying proactive with these minor maintenance tasks every few weeks will go a long way toward extending your luxury car’s life.

3.     Take Care of the Wheels and Tires

Checking the tires’ air pressure after refueling is a standard practice among luxury car owners, but your tire maintenance shouldn’t stop there. Regularly rebalancing the wheels and tires will prevent uneven tread wear and provide a smooth ride, prolonging their lives and the vehicle’s life by extension.

Wheel and tire problems throw the car off balance and often snowball into more serious mechanical problems with the steering and suspension. That’s why it’s critical to make sure that all four sets look and drive the same. A balanced set of wheels enhances your car’s visual appeal and performance. And if you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, make sure to check out our various wheel collections.

We offer cast wheels, forged wheels and flow-formed wheels in a variety of fitments and finishes. With so many styles to choose from, you’re bound to find one that catches your eye. Contact us to find an authorized Savini Wheels dealer near you!

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4.     Look After the Battery

Luxury cars usually don’t get driven as often as regular cars, which means the battery requires more attention. You could invest in a trickle charger to prevent the battery from draining, but the simpler and more exciting solution is to drive your luxury car more often. A 5-mile drive is long enough to recharge the battery and prolong its life.

5.     Monitor the Clutch’s Health

A working clutch is one of the most valuable parts of a luxury vehicle. As such, you should pay close attention to the clutch’s health and use it properly. Here are a few common bad habits to avoid when operating the clutch:

  • Don’t ride the clutch.
  • Don’t slam on the gas or brakes.
  • Don’t use the clutch to avoid rolling on hills.
  • Don’t downshift too early or upshift too late.

Using the clutch as intended will keep it healthy and functional, increase your car’s fuel efficiency, and make you a more responsible driver. All three benefits contribute to a longer road life for your luxury vehicle.

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6.     Invest in a Coilover Kit

If you’re worried about your luxury car’s suspension, a coilover kit could be the answer to your concerns. A coilover kit is an upgraded suspension system that lowers the car or gives it more aggressive handling, depending on your goals. You can also adjust the rebound or compression damping to meet your preferences. Installing a coilover kit means you will have to remove your current suspension system and start from scratch, so make sure you have a trusted mechanic for the job.

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Luxury Car Maintenance Is All in the Details

The average everyday vehicle can go for months without a wash or inspection, but luxury cars require much greater attention to detail. Get into the habit of doing these five maintenance tasks and consider upgrading your suspension so you can enjoy your luxury car for years to come.

Author Bio: Oscar Collins is the founder and editor-in-chief at Modded, where he writes about cars, luxury topics and more. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates!