Aston Martin Vantage | Black di Forza BM14 | Savini Wheels

For many, an  Aston Martin Vantage quickly conjures up the image of the fictional British secret agent James Bond and his 007 adventures. The luxury car maker has since then been aligned with the sort of style and grace one would expect of such an iconic character and continues its sophisticated legacy with every new Vantage that comes out.

An Aston Martin driver obviously likes the finer things in life given the brand is probably one of the coolest luxury cars around not only because of its association with James Bond but because of the refinement that goes into each and every model. The Vantage is an incredible-looking vehicle with exceptional performance thanks to some of Aston Martin’s most powerful engines to date. The supercar’s clean lines, bold proportions and signature Aston Martin front end makes it turn heads on the road, making it a gorgeous car for discerning drivers. The interior boasts handcrafted surfaces made from the highest possible quality of materials, with tons of customization options to make the Vantage all your own.

While it doesn’t take much else to make an Aston Martin look good, adding a set of Savini Wheels really takes its aesthetics to new heights. This particular Vantage benefits from a set of Black di Forza cast BM14 car wheels in a gloss black machined finish. The multi-spoke design of the BM14 complements the fine lines of the Vantage’s exterior while the finish elevates the dark grey hue of the vehicle.

Our BM14 is part of our Black di Forza Collection of car rim styles, which are cast car wheels made for everyday use. They offer more affordable pricing and an array of fitment options to choose from. The entire BM collection has become a popular choice amongst consumers. The BM14 wheel is offered in 19X8.5, 19X9.5, 19X10.5, 20X8.5, 20X10, 20X10.5, 20X11, 21X9.0, 21X10.5, 22X9.0, 22X10.5 sizes and comes in deep concave options. If you’d like more information on our BM Ashton Martin wheel, email to find an authorized Savini Wheels dealer near you!