Savini Wheels Presents Savini Diamond | All New For 2014

Art, Expression, and Influence are words that come to mind when I think about the New Savini Diamond Series. When you think about Savini Wheels you might think about our “Savini Forged” line that put us on the map or maybe even our popular one-piece line, Black di Forza. This new Savini Diamond line is a whole new representation of the Savini Wheels brand. Quite frankly this has been coming for quite some time. These designs are each a unique canvas and an artistic rendition of many things and places that influence us.

With influences from both coasts stemming from places such as Miami and Los Angeles these (7) new Savini Diamond designs are unique and on a whole new level for the larger size full face wheel game. The Savini Diamond wheels are available in (4) different configurations including a new one we call Curvoso.


NEW 2014 Savini Forged Wheels | Savini Wheels

What is anything without progress? What would things be like if we weren’t trying to take them to the next level? Innovation is one of the core principles we have here at Savini Wheels. In our field, the wheel industry, things sometimes become stagnant. I mean how many wheel design variations could there ever be right? You’d be surprised. Things go far beyond design for us though. Great products are not all about how they look but even more about how they work and feel. We’ve kept all of these things in mind as we created our 2014 Wheel Line-up. Including new designs, new configurations, and an entirely new series. I’d like to take a moment and talk about the new additions and advancements we’ve made to our Savini Forged line.