Ferrari 488 | SV-F4 | Savini Wheels

When it comes to Ferraris, you need wheels that are not only going to enhance the vehicle’s exterior good looks, but that will also perform. Ferraris are made to go fast, so performance is key to choosing the right Ferrari wheels. Luckily for Ferrari owners, Savini has a wide range of Ferrari wheels to choose from.

While our Forged wheel collection is popular among many and our Black di Forza cast wheels are great for everyday driving, it’s our SV-F flow formed wheels that really stand out when it comes to performance. That’s why this Ferrari 488 stands proud on a set of SV-F 4 Savini Wheels. These wheels not only look amazing and complement the Prancing Stallion’s lavish lines and luxury exterior, but they’re made for pushing the pedal to the metal.

Our SV-F collection of flow forged wheels are made using the most innovative and advanced technology when it comes to wheel making. Flow forming technology is the process of applying pressure to the inner barrel of the a wheel during manufacturing. This is done while the wheels sins after it’s been casted. This unique process compresses and stretches the aluminum to increase the wheel’s strength.

In a lot of ways, flow forged wheels are similar to forged wheels during manufacturing. The end result is a wheel that’s stronger, lighter and has more elongation, as well as better shock resistance. It also has more load capacity over regular cast wheels.

Our SV-F collection features five (5) distinct styles that will also enhance the look and drive of your vehicle. Ferrari wheels need to stand out and these do just that! Plus, we offer a variety of finish options like this eye-catching bronze finish that sets off the look of a white hot 488.

Check out more of these wheels on a beautiful Ferrari 488 or check them out here!

Rolls-Royce Cullinan | Savini SL3 | Savini Wheels

There’s no denying that 2020 has been crazy. Covid put a damper on a lot of our plans and really hit the live show industry. Some of our favorite car shows were cancelled and moved to next year, including the beloved SEMA show in Las Vegas (which is the MECCA for the automotive industry).

While we all pined for 2021 to get back to live events (crossing our fingers we can), Toyo Tires knew Covid couldn’t stop them from showcasing their new products. Instead, they came up with their Tread Pass virtual event for 2020, and we jumped at the opportunity to showcase our most luxurious wheel collection!

For the first time, the Toyo Tires Treadpass experience is available virtually. Explore and check out a dozen one-of-a-kind vehicles. All you need to do to check it all out is to head to their website here, and then click on the various hot spots to view vehicle details. You can even take your own virtual photo to share on social media, and hunt for prizes including exclusive pins by Leen Customs.

So if you look at that white hot number, closest to the back curtains, you’ll see the stylish Rolls-Royce Cullinan owned by our pal Nick Cannon. This baby screams luxury with its eye-catching wide body kit that includes rear spoiler and diffuser, a redesigned front end, bigger side skirts and much more that all make the Cullinan squat and bulky. The white wrap just adds class to the already elegant ride.

But the true gem on the Cullinan is the set of 24″  Savini Wheels Luxury Collection SL3s wrapped in Toyo Tires Proxes ST III 285/35/24. These wheels are made for luxury wheels like Rolls-Royces and exude the class and elegance these high-end cars deserve. What makes them special is the fact that you don’t have to switch out the center cap that screams to the world it’s an exclusive vehicle. Check out more of these amazing Rolls-Royce wheels here!

When it comes to Cullinan wheels, you can’t beat our exclusive SL collection. With three styles to choose from, you’ll find something to go with that expensive ride you’ve worked so hard to get. Any three of these Cullinan wheels would have looked amazing on this white-out number. Remember, you’ll want wheels that really accentuate the look of such an expensive ride and our SL Savini Wheels collection will provide that effect.

But even if you aren’t pushing such a high-end ride, Savini Wheels has rims for your ride. Whether it’s an everyday commuter or a weekend toy you only drive on special occasions, our car wheels are the best in the industry!