5 New Car Mods Your Ride Needs In 2022

New Year, new car goals, right?

Everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions to help better themselves in the coming year, so why not do the same when it comes to your car? After all, it’s your main means of transportation and takes you everywhere you go, so why not do it in style…

If your ride needs a makeover in 2022, here are a few new car mods you might want to consider in order to really floss your style and ride in the new year!

1. A New Set of Wheels

A fresh set of wheels is the easiest way to really upgrade your ride in the new year. You can really personalize and show off your personal style with the wheel style you choose, the fitment and even finish. With so many options out there, you’ll definitely find a few that you’ll love, especially on our site! We offer flow formed car rims, forged wheels and cast rims in different sizes, profiles and finishes. Depending on your budget and style preference, adding a set of new Savini Wheels will definitely heighten the look of your ride in 2022! So what are you waiting for and grab a new set of car rims from us by emailing us at sales@saviniwheels.com to find a local dealer near you!

2. New Tires

To go along with your new Savini Wheels, a new set of tires will compliment your new stance! Not only will your ride look good, but it’ll also drive good, depending on the type of tire you opt for. Plus, tires have to be one of the most important parts of your ride and will transform the way it handles in various weather conditions. So if you’re looking to upgrade your ride for better performance and handling, it’s important that you start with some good tires to support your car goals.

3. Tinted Windows

Another must-have mod that your ride needs in 2022 is tinted windows. It’s a fairly cheap upgrade that can really make a difference in how your car looks and how comfortable you will be when driving. A quality tint on your car’s windows will help block heat from the sun, allowing you to stay cooler when driving and protect your car’s interior from fading in the sun. Plus, a flashy tint job will compliment your ride’s new Savini Wheels!

4. Upgraded Brakes

If you want some serious performance in 2022, think about upgrading your OEM brakes to aftermarket options. If you’re trying to boost performance, you’ll need some extra stopping power to handle all that horsepower increase. But even if you’re not planning to head to the track, upgrading your brakes is always a great idea (and a fairly cheap car mod upgrade). Even just opting for some quality brake pads can really improve your car’s stopping power and the safety of your ride.

5. New Exterior

If you’re itching for a totally new ride in 2022, why not just change the look of the exterior for a cheaper option?! Adding a wrap to your ride will not only match your new set of Savini Wheels but also change up its entire look and feel. You can opt for something bold and bright or keep it low key with a matte wrap in a basic black or grey. Whatever you choose, a new exterior via a car wrap will make those new Savini Rims that much better!

So what new upgrades and mods will you add to your ride in 2022?!

And we’d like to wish all of our customs and fans a Happy New Year!

3 Rides With Rose Gold Savini Wheels

When it comes to wheel finishes, you can get any color imaginable! This is especially helpful when you’re trying to build a show queen and have a specific color scheme or theme in mind. But even if you aren’t planning on hitting the show circuit, adding a bit of color to your wheels will make your vehicle stand out from others like it on the road.

We’ve done a wide variety of finishes, but we must say our rose gold finish is quite exceptional. It’s a color that’s lighter than bronze, yet not as bold as red, allowing your vehicle to floss in absolute style. We love the gorgeous color and have a few examples of vehicles with rose gold wheels so that you can see if it’s something you’d like to add to your own ride!

1. SV67

This LibertyWalk Lamborghini Huracan is bold on its own, but when you add some rose gold SV67 Savini Wheels to it, you’ve got a neck-breaking exotic that’ll elicit envious stares!

2. BM12-L

This red hot Prior-Design Nissan GT-R is a beauty after some forged Black di Forza rose gold Savinis were added!

3. BM15

Here’s a Jetta wearing a set of rose gold BM15s from Butler Tires & Wheels. The wheels definitely go great on white cars for a pop of color!

You can definitely opt to get rose gold Savini Wheels in our forged, Black di Forza and Savini Diamond lines. So if you’re looking for some rose gold rims, let us help you find a dealer near you by emailing us at sales@saviniwheels.com!