Jeep Trackhawk | SV93xc | Savini Wheels

Although the Jeep Trackhawk isn’t the usual sort of vehicle you’d typically see a set of Savini Forged wheels on, it just goes to show that our wheels are made for every type of vehicle (and they look good on all kinds of vehicles, too). But the Trackhawk isn’t just any type of car, either. In fact, the Jeep Trackhawk resulted from a partnership with Jeep and the popular Hellcat V8, which resulted in a combination that offered drivers both power and comfort when it was first released in 2018.

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk changes the standard Jeep Cherokee formula by upgrading its off-road capabilities for a newfound ability to speed on racetracks. New upgrades include a bigger braking system using Brembo brakes, sport suspension, an aggressive exterior and a Hellcat HEMI V8 engine that adds some powerful hp to the SUV. It’s one of the most powerful SUVs ever and one of the fastest while also having excellent off-road abilities.

Even if this particular version doesn’t hit the trails, it pounds the pavement on a set of stylish SV93 forged Savini Wheels. This particular wheel style was new for 2022 and is featured in our XC configuration (extreme concave) for an aggressive stance in a matte black with red accents finish to match the Trackhawk’s exterior. Available in various configurations and finishes, the wheel is the perfect addition to any ride. If you’d like to add a set to your own vehicle, email us at to locate a dealer near you!

7 Low-Cost Ways to Enhance Your Car’s Aesthetic | Savini Wheels

You’ve finally bought your dream car, and it’s everything you’d hoped it would be. Still, it’s not really yours — it’s just like every other one of its kind out there. To plant your personal signature on your car, you need to consider a few upgrades to make it stand out as your own.

Here are some low-cost options that will transform how people view your vehicle.

1. Vinyl Wrap

If you want to change your car’s look, vinyl wrap is the best way to go. It’s not a permanent solution like paint, but it’s a way to make your vehicle look however you want without committing to a certain shade or style. You won’t be able to change the color after you apply the wrap, but it can always be removed if you decide you don’t like it.

2. Upgraded Wheels

One of the easiest ways to get your car noticed is to upgrade your wheels. You may pay a little more for them than the other items on this list. Rims can be customized for everything from performance to style, which ultimately doesn’t affect your vehicle but can make it look so much more luxurious when you show it off to other people or at events. Which wheels you opt for is up to you — just list what benefits you’re looking for. Check out all of our wheel collections to find a style that matches your ride! Then email us at to locate a local Savini Wheels dealer near you!

3. Switch up the Interior

If you’re bored with your luxury car’s interior, you can change it. Adding seat covers is an inexpensive way to show off your style by changing your vehicle’s appearance. You even have the option to warm your seat, so you can stay comfortable while riding in style. Plus, they’re inherently protective — and much cheaper to clean if something stains the cover rather than your actual seat.

4. Window Tint

Tinted windows can offer you privacy and greatly enhance the look of your car at the same time. Dyed window film is likely the best option, as it has no metallic substances that will negatively interact with electronic systems. You can pay a professional to apply window tint to your vehicle or do it yourself with precut film.

5. Get a Signature Fragrance

Many people think about having a signature scent for themselves, but not many consider applying the same logic to their car. Is there something you’d like to smell whenever you get into the driver’s seat? You might choose something that relaxes you, like lavender, while muscle cars might call for an invigorating scent like citrus. Make sure it’s something you enjoy and will make you look forward to driving.

6. Protect Against Theft

This upgrade protects your car so it can continue looking amazing in your possession. If your luxury vehicle doesn’t have a built-in alarm, you can place one in your car, along with a GPS tracker that’ll help you see your car’s location at all times. You love your luxury car and paid so much for it — it only makes sense for an upgrade to be useful and aesthetically pleasing at the same time, especially when it comes to safety.

7. Replace the Hood Ornament

Some cars still have hood ornaments, but many don’t have them anymore. You can always remove it, but why not replace it with a custom one that signifies that your vehicle is unique? You may have to pay a couple of hundred dollars for a professional to install it correctly. If you have the budget for a luxury addition, you’ll enjoy having a hood ornament that is entirely your own.

Create Your Dream Car

You may have imagined owning your luxury car for years, but have you really made it your own yet? Customizing your vehicle to the best of your ability can help it stand out and allow people to recognize it as yours, knowing that there are no others just like it. 

You don’t always have to pay big bucks to customize your ride. These examples are just a few ways to transform your luxury vehicle into one that reflects your aesthetic.

Author Bio: Oscar Collins is the founder and editor-in-chief at Modded, where he writes about cars, luxury topics and more. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates! 

Karma Revero | Black di Forza BM15-L | Savini Wheels

The Fisker Karma is the latest new kid on the plug-in hybrid block, sporting a distinct look the screams luxury at every angle. Sleek, speedy and sexy, the Revero is Karma’s flagship vehicle that’s been voted the 2018 Luxury Green Car of the year. With its endless torque prodced by its dual electric motors, you’ll be more than satisfied with its smooth performance numbers, while loving the drivability of this luxury performance car that features the sprint of a GT. And if you drive less than 50 miles a day, you’ll never have to buy gas again. If you do more, feed its engine to recharge the battery and get up to 300 miles of range. There’s even a solar roof that powers the car! An impressive machine on its own, add some Black di Forza BM15-L Savini Wheels and you’ve got yourself a luxury stunner! 


Lamborghini Aventador | SV69-L | Savini Wheels | 1016 Industries

Some look at a Lamborghini Aventador and love the way it looks stock, while others consider it a starting point to create something better! Miami-based 1016 Industries is part of the latter mentality, looking at an already exceptional exotic and asking themselves what they can improve on. They focus on the what if and what can it be, and this Lamborghini Aventador is a testament to their vision. The upgraded Aventatdor features their carbon aero kit that screams stealth and a set of step-lip concave Forged SV69-L Savini Wheels in a gloss black with yellow accents finish then wrapped them in some Toyo tires for the perfect stance! (more…)

All-New Savini Wheels Florida Distribution Center


Bentley GT V8 S | Black di Forza BM12 | Savini Wheels | Butler Tires & Wheels

We spent a week in the ATL with our boys at Butler Tires & Wheels to shoot some fly rides rocking a few styles from Savini Wheels and this was one of our favorites. The all-new Bentley GT V8 S roars with power thanks to its 4.0-liter V8 engine, allowing this sporty and luxurious new GT an agility you’ll definitely feel while behind the wheel. Outside, the new Bentley adds a new front bumper and lip-style spoiler that adorns its rear, while a newly designed iconic Bentley “B” fender vent rests behind each front wheel. And speaking of wheels, a fresh set of Black di Forza BM12 22×9 front and 22×10.5 rear wheels, in machined black finish, enhance its exceptional styling cues. Shoutout to Bentley of Atlanta for providing us with slick new Bentley that broke necks while out in Hot-lanta! Check out our visit to the city’s Caffeine & Exotics event here!


Rocket Bunny Mercedes-Benz CLK | Forged SV55 | Savini Wheels | V.I.P. Edition

You’ve probably seen this blue beast at a car show or on social media since the Rocket Bunny CLK by V.I.P. Edition has garnered a massive following. Maybe it’s because of its striking blue exterior (a custom Porsche GT3 RS blue to be exact) or brushed bronze Savini Wheels, but whatever it is, there’s no denying that it’s stand out ride. The Rocket Bunny wide body kit gives it an aggressive look, in addition to the CRZY Eng front and rear diffuser and trunk wing.

A CKS coilover suspension provides it a smooth ride and a GReddy exhaust enhances its under-the-hood performance. You’ll hear it coming a mile away thanks to its Pioneer sound system, while other featured mods include custom paneling and LED lighting, PIAA fog lights, StopTech brake lines, IKONIC Design Studio vinyl graphics and Tire Graphix tire lettering. To set off its stance, a set of 19×9 front and 19×12 rear Savini Forged SV55-P wheels in a brushed bronze finish with black centers were wrapped in some Toyo Proxes 265/R30 front and 295/30R19 rear tires.


BMW 6-Series| Savini Forged SV39-C | Savini Wheels | California Wheels

Riding in style is easy when you’re behind the wheel of a BMW 6-Series  Its elegant exterior lines, driving dynamics and innovative technologies all combine to equal an amazing machine on four wheels. California Wheels wanted to add to its sleek and elegant design and opted to fit this particular 6-Series with a set of our Forged SV39-C wheels – 21×9 up front and 21×10.5 in the rear. The result is nothing short of perfection!


Chevy Corvette Stingray | Forged SV56 | Savini Wheels | RK Sport

When our pals over at RK Sport needed some dope wheels for their latest project vehicle, we were more than happy to send them one of our most eye-cathcing wheel styles – our Forged SV56 (21×9 5×120.65 front and  22×11 5×120.65 rear) rims – to adorn their Corvette Stingray. The result was a neck-breaking ‘Vette with style and power, thanks to a few mods from RK Sport like their Carbon Fiber accents, including a hood, front splitter, rocker panels, rear spoiler and rear diffuser. Already a beast untouched, RK Sport make it roar with power with the addition of a Corsa Black Tip exhaust, Whipple supercharger and some fine tuning by Cunningham Motorsports, allowing it to push out 600 HP with 577 lb-ft of torque. Rounding out the list of mods is a set of Toyo Proxes T1R 55/30R21 front and 295/25R22 rear rubber. Be on the look out for more of this Stingray in the near future!


Bimmerfest 2015 Part II | Savini Wheels

We had a blast at Bimmerfest 2015 on Saturday, May 23rd, held at the Auto Club Speedway of California in Fontana, CA, and we have even more coverage for you. We partnered with our boys from Dinmann Carbon Fiber and MSTR Watches and has a massive booth complete with dope rides and more. Check out Part I of our coverage Bimmerfest 2015 Part 1!


Bimmerfest 2015 | Savini Wheels

It was on and popping at the Auto Club Speedway of California in Fontana, CA on Saturday, May 23rd for Bimmerfest 2015. A little bit of rain couldn’t hurt the show! We rolled through with our guys from Dinmann Carbon Fiber and MSTR Watches to represent with a packed fleet. Impressive Wrap also came through with the satin chrome Liberty Walk M4. A one-off M5 Dinmann exclusive was debuted at the show and heads were turning thanks to a set of brushed gold SV61 Forged wheels. We also spotted Vibe Motorsports’ M6 Gran Coupe and R1 Concepts’ M5 at the Magnaflow booth. MSTR Watches also showcased some fresh new timepieces from their collection. The show was the biggest yet, with more BMWs on display than ever before. It was a great event…thanks Bimmerfest!


BMW F80 M3 | Black di Forza BM10 | Savini Wheels | Dinmann

Dinmann hooks up a variety of dope rides with dry carbon fiber parts so that they stand out from the rest. One of their latest projects is this BMW F80 M3 that flaunts their full Carbon Fiber Aero Package that includes: a front lip, side skirt lip, rear diffuser and rear bumper lip. Custom Dinmann front fenders were also added to create a banging Bimmer with unbeatable looks. The custom treatment continues inside with a complete Dinmann interior, featuring seat back covers, door handles and a special carbon fiber Dinmann steering wheel. The Bavarian M3 is on point as it growls with power thanks to a GT Haus exhaust and rides clean on Black di Forza BM10 Savini Wheels in a brushed red finish wrapped inside Nitto Invo 275/30R20 front and 305/30R20 rear rubber.


Caffeine & Exotics | Butler Tires and Wheels |Savini Wheels

We headed down South to connect with our boys at Butler Tires and Wheels for Caffeine & Exotics – the city’s premier car show for exotic car owners and fans. Situated at Atlanta’s Lenox Square, there was pure luxury and performance prowling across the pavement. We partnered with Butler Tire and displayed a few rides and wheels for the day’s event, including a Porsche 911 Turbo S, C63 AMG, Audi R8 and the hot new Bentley GT V8 S thanks to Bentley of Atlanta. Check out the photos below to see what went down in “Hotlanta.” Big thanks to the entire crew at Butler and stay tuned for more!


Lexus RC 350 F Sport | Black di Forza BM13 | Savini Wheels

The Lexus RC 350 F Sport is a luxury coupe with sleek and sporty aesthetics that adds upon the base model RC 350. This smooth operator is an conspicuous import that combines a stylish exterior with ample horsepower, providing drivers with a luxury ride wherever they go. Powered by a V6 engine, the RC 350 F Sport delivers just over 300 hp and features a unique look that’s different from other Lexus models. The sport model offers several upgrades from the standard model, including an aggressive mesh front spindle grille, adaptive suspension and a new SPORT+ driving mode for more precise handling, as well as 4-wheel steering for taking sharp corners like a boss. To improve on its aggressive design, a set of Black di Forza BM13 wheels in a brushed red finish were added. Now the RC 350 F Sport is even more eye catching than before!


Now Available | Black di Forza BM9 | Savini Wheels

For those who like to stand out from other drivers on the road comes our Black di Forza wheel collection, with styles that are essential for everyday use. These wheels can adorn a variety of rides – from exotics to luxury vehicles and everything in between, which is why many automotive enthusiasts choose to add a fresh set of Black di Forza wheels to their rides. The BM9 is an exceptional wheel style that’s manufactured from a single block of cast aluminum and is one of our simplest and most fashionable wheels perfect for daily drivers.


Lamborghini Huracán | Black di Forza BM12 | Savini Wheels | RDB LA

Lamborghini makes some of the world’s most admired and fastest cars, and their latest supercar lives up to the Raging Bull legacy.The Huracán LP 610-4 features sharp, aerodynamic lines that are designed to tame the road, with every detail on the impressive exotic boasting the finest Italian craftsmanship and luxury finishing of unprecedented prestige. Powered by a naturally aspirated V10, the Bull roars with power the minute you press the ignition button. Packed with 602 hp, the Huracán races from 0-62 mph in just 3.2 seconds before topping out at 202 mph. Not much is needed because the Huracán is already a beautiful sight to behind, but RDB LA fitted this white beast with a set of Balck di Forza BM12 wheels in a brushed bronze finish, which only makes the supercar that much more eye catching!


Nissan GT-R | Savini Forged SV39 | Savini Wheels

The Nissan GT-R is an all-around beast, with the ability to outrun some of the world’s best sports cars and costs about a fraction of their price. The Japanese supercar packs a twin-turbo V6 engine under the hood and features eye-catching exterior design cues. This particular 2010 GT-R benefits from numerous modifications, both inside and out. A WALD Black Bison body kit provides aggressive good looks and includes a front and rear bumper and side skirts, while a SEIBON carbon fiber hood and carbon roof makes it unlike any other GT-R on the road. Additional exterior modifications include an ABflug rear carbon fiber diffuser, APR Carbon GT wing and side mirror covers, in addition to JL Motor side carbon fiber skid plates. A fierce stance is due to a G DRIVE Coilover suspension by ACC Air Runner, Inc. of Japan.

Stock, the 2010 GT-R goes from rest to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds before topping out at 193 mph, but the addition of an Amuse Tuned ECU churns up the horsepower, while a GT HAUS Meisterscahft exhaust and Fujitsubo ArQray Mid pipings provides an aggressive growl. Stopping power is thanks to a Rotora Big Brake Kit that features 8-piston 405mm front rotors and 4-piston 355mm rear rotors. Inside, BRIDE seats provide a sporty look.

Because no ride would be complete without a fresh set of Forged SV39 21×9.5 front and 21×11 rear wheels in a white finish were wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sports 265/35R21 front and 305/30R21 rear rubber.


Tesla Model S | Black di Forza BM12 | Savini Wheels | PTAP

We’ve been noticing more Tesla Model S vehicles on the road lately and so have PTAP, who recently customized their very own Model S. More and more drivers are opting to go green and the Model S is the perfect ride to do that in since it doesn’t compromise style or performance even though it’s an electric vehicle. As an evolution in automobile engineering, the advanced electric powertrain in the Model S is unlike any other combustion engine since it only has one moving piece, the rotor, which allows it to go hit 60 mph in as little as 3.1 seconds and still provide a silent and smooth ride. In terms of looks, the sedan is already a stunning machine on the road, but PTAP enhanced it’s styling by wrapping it with a 3M brush titanium wrapped custom painting its logos. It’s also features a tint with LLumar film and rocks a set of Black di Forza BMW 22×9 front and 22×10.5 rear wheels in a blue finish. For more info, visit PTAP’s site PTAP.


Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG| Black di Forza BM3 | Savini Wheels | California Wheels

The Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG is a luxury sports car that not only breaks necks, but can keep up with with some of the world’s fastest cars. As the company’s high-perfromance version of their highly coveted S-Class, the S63 AMG packs a punch with ample horsepower under the hood. Outside, it’s sleek and sophisticated, just as you’d expect from a Benz, while the inside is pure opulence, with supple leather, wood garnishments and metal trim. California Wheels wanted to make this particular S63 unforgettably beautiful, yet sporty, which is why they added a set of Black di Forza BM3 wheels with a stainless steel finish. The result is sophisticated style!


Autocon 2015 | MSTR Watches | Savini Wheels

Nothing beats an awesome weekend checking out new rides, which is what many Southern Californians did this past Saturday, April 25th for the 2015 Autocon show at the Pomona Fairplex. Savini Wheels partnered with our boys at MSTR Watches to showcase some some of the hottest wheel styles from our collection to complement their unique and classic time pieces. The Prior Design Corvette C7 was the center of attention in the booth, sitting on a fresh set of SV58 forged wheels in white and black, with carbon fiber lip accents. Impressive Wrap also brought out the Liberty Walk BMW M4 in its stealth satin chrome wrap. And we can’t forget  the Project Ronin Rocket Bunny Mercedes-Benz CLK that made a cameo. Check out some photos of what went down below!