Caffeine & Exotics | Butler Tires and Wheels |Savini Wheels

We headed down South to connect with our boys at Butler Tires and Wheels for Caffeine & Exotics - the city's premier car show for exotic car owners and fans. Situated at Atlanta's Lenox Square, there was pure luxury and performance prowling across the pavement. We partnered with Butler Tire and displayed a few rides and wheels for the day's event, including a Porsche 911 Turbo S, C63 AMG, Audi R8 and the hot new Bentley GT V8 S thanks to Bentley of Atlanta. Check out the photos below to see what went down in "Hotlanta." Big thanks to the entire crew at Butler and stay tuned for more! savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(38) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(31) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(28) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(27) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(26) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(12) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(13) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(18) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(19) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(23) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(11) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(9) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(8) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(5) savini-butler-tire-caffeine-and-exotics-(4) Photos: Brian McGee

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