SV-F Mono Form Technology: SV-F1 Savini Wheels For Jeep Grand Cherokee

Strut the streets in style in your Jeep Grand Cherokee by adding a set of aftermarket wheels!

Don’t worry, Savini Wheels has you covered! Our SV-F1 mono-form Savini Wheels would look and fit perfectly on your Jeep Grand Cherokee, so you’re rolling the streets in absolute style. Our SV-F collection is unique because the wheels utilize mono-form technology, an advanced engineering technique that creates lighter, stronger and more durable wheels. This means the wheels provide improved performance for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Our SV-F1 car wheels also feature greater strength and shock resistance for a smoother ride, thus benefiting your vehicle even more. Plus, our SV-1 Jeep rims are beautifully crafted with quality materials and will enhance the overall look of your Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT or Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk,

We currently have SV-F1s available in sizes 22×10, 22×11 – all perfect fitments for the Jeep Grand Cherokee models mentioned above. Please email us at to locate a Savini Wheels dealer near you!