Top 4 Maseratis on Savini Wheels

When you think of Italian cars, Ferrari and Lamborghini might be the first two to come to mind. However, there’s another luxurious car manufacturer that should be thought of and that’s Maserati! The storied Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer was first established in 1914 and since then produced some of the finest vehicles on today’s roads. With an emblem of a trident, a Maserati exudes refinement and luxury.

Thanks to a combination of Italian style, elegance and performance, riding around in a Maserati will turn heads. Every model in the Maserati lineup is constructed with the utmost attention to detail and is considered a true masterpiece of Italian design. There are currently four different Maserati cars available: The Levante luxury SUV; the entry-level Ghibli; the Quattroporte which is the icon of Italian elegance; and the MC20, which is the first model of its kind.

But when any Maserati just won’t do, that’s where Savini Wheels can help take it up a notch! Adding a set of refined luxury wheels from Savini will definitely heighten the allure and presence of any Maserati model. Here are some of our favorite Maseratis sporting a set of our stylish wheels!

1.Maserati Ghibli on Black di Forza BM12s

For a sleek look, our BM12s pair nicely with this black Ghibli. The Black di Forza are our cast wheel collection and provide significant style and performance.

2. Maserati GranTurismo on SV67s

To really stand out, add some bold forged wheels in a bright hue! These Forged SV67 Savini Wheels add to the overall flair of this wide body Maserati sporting a body kit by Liberty Walk.

3. Maserati Ghibli on BM12-Ls

These BM12s are actually part of our forged Black di Forza collection and are finished in a brushed gold for a luxurious look. The gold really offsets the crisp white exterior! It also sports a WALD body kit for some extra points in the looks department.

4. Maserati GranTurismo on SV78s

When you want a Maserati unlike any other, wrap it in a Rose Gold exterior and add some flashy forged SV78 Savini Wheels to it!

So if you’re looking for Maserati wheels, Savini Wheels has what you need! From forged car wheels to cast car wheels, we have a style for everyone. Need help looking for wheels for your ride? Email and we’ll find a dealer near you!