NEW 2014 Savini Forged Wheels | Savini Wheels

What is anything without progress? What would things be like if we weren’t trying to take them to the next level? Innovation is one of the core principles we have here at Savini Wheels. In our field, the wheel industry, things sometimes become stagnant. I mean how many wheel design variations could there ever be right? You’d be surprised. Things go far beyond design for us though. Great products are not all about how they look but even more about how they work and feel. We’ve kept all of these things in mind as we created our 2014 Wheel Line-up. Including new designs, new configurations, and an entirely new series. I’d like to take a moment and talk about the new additions and advancements we’ve made to our Savini Forged line.

Here is a breakdown of what we’ve done:

· 7 New Designs (SV51-SV57) SEE THEM HERE

· 1 New Configuration (Duoblock)

· All New Finishes

When we do anything here at Savini Wheels we know that above all things especially the hype, living up to our reputation is most important. “The Gold Standard” of the wheel industry is not an easy achievement but we continue to deliver. Excellence lies in the details and often in the things no one else pays attention to. Our Savini Forged Wheels are machined from the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum ensuring a product that will last and is worthy of being a gold standard. Every set that leaves our facility here in Anaheim, CA after a rigorous quality control inspection is custom made for the vehicle its going to be on. This is an extra step that takes time but the result is a perfect fitment and a great look.

The Duoblock configuration is the most refined and remarkable design in aftermarket wheel engineering. It provides more depth than our Xtreme Concave configuration and combines it with our Mono configuration to provide a revolutionary 2-piece constructed wheel that is versatile without compromising performance and comfort. With the addition of the Duoblock configuration our total available wheel configurations is now up to (6). We have XC (Xtreme Concave), XLT (Xtreme Lip Technology), Signature, Mono, Performance, and now Duoblock. These configurations are available in almost all of our Savini Forged wheel designs.


We’re also big fans of custom finishes so we’re introducing a few new finishes that give you a wide variety of color options with a brushed texture beneath it. See the pic below:


With sizes ranging from 19” to 32” and finish options of Chrome, Color Matched, 2-Tone, and Color with a Brushed Base the choices are limitless. Browse our Savini Forged Wheels here and find your identity. Be sure to leave a comment below to let us know what you think.