Midwest Fest Car Show 2021 | Savini Wheels

It was an exciting day for car enthusiasts on Saturday, Sept. 25th as hundreds of show queens came together for the 2021 Midwest Fest 5 Car & Bike Sound Competition & Concert Event in Indianapolis. Sponsored by one of our favorite shops (and local Savini dealer) Swift Custom Wheels, we also co-sponsored the show! It was an epic days as vehicles in all color rolled up to the event to floss their mods. We saw quite a few rolling on Savini Wheels and thought we’d share some of the best rides with our wheels!

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Top 5 Old School Rides on Savini Wheels

There’s something about old school rides that drive everyone wild! From the body work to the style and all the upgrades, old school rides definitely have flair. Vintage rides like Chevy Impalas, Camaros and the like are stunners for sure, but add on some Savini Wheels and you’ve got a ride that’ll break necks. Here are a few old school rides flossing sets of Savini Wheels! Let us know in the comments which is your fave classic ride on Savinis!

1. Chevy Impala

Gold wheels are always in style, but add them to a vintage Impala like this droptop and you’ve got yourself a worthy street cruiser. These are our Savini Diamond Carpi wheels that add extra style to any urban ride!

2. Chevy Caprice

Imagine hitting the streets in this vintage Caprice styling on a set of Savini Diamond Lazio wheels? You’ll def. be the talk of the town in this classic ride!

3. Chevy Caprice

Here’s another Caprice stunner that’s rocking our Savini Diamond Marconi wheel design. Bold and beautiful makes these wheels stand out!

4. Chevy Impala

Another Impala for you to drool over! This hardtop Chevy is wearing a set of Savini Diamond Marconi wheels and they perfectly accentuate the stye of this old school ride.

5. Lincoln Continental

Golden wheels make a statement as they do on this Lincoln Continental wearing some C2-5 Savini Diamond Wheels!

Now Available Diamond Series Trento | Savini Wheels

Standing out from the crowd is easy when you have a set of Savini Diamond Series wheels on your ride! And because we know it takes neck-breaking styles to do so, we’ve come up with new styles as part of the collection, incluidng our all-new Trento style! The edgy design and  vareity of fitments and finishes, allows you to easily customize the Trento wheel to suit yoru ride’s custom look. All eyes will definitely be on you and your ride when you’re rolling on a set!



SEMA 2015 Coverage | Savini Wheels

This year’s SEMA Show was seriously off the hook! We had so many great product debuts and vehicle projects that had everybody at SEMA talking about Savini Wheels. We also collaborated with some of the hottest shops and tuners to launch new wheel styles for our Savini Forged, Diamond and Black di Forza collections, including a new step lip configuration and limited edition forged BM9-14 wheel styles. It was seriously one of our best SEMA show’s to date with tons of dope rides flossing Savini Wheels.

The star of the show was Kuhl Racing’s Nissan GT-R, which we received from Japan about one week before the show, laced with Black di Forza BM9-L limited edition step lip concave wheels that features some of the most intricate engraving you’ve ever seen! It boasts an eye-catching metallic finish on top of an insane aero kit that pictures just don’t do the car justice! Another show stunner was the Misha Designs limited editon widebody Ferrari 458 rocking Savini Forged SV67L step lip concave wheels sitting pretty in the Toyo Tire booth. The project was a collaboration betwen Misha Designs, Savini Wheels, CarNinja, Toyo and APA Paint & Film Technologies.

Other cars in the Savini Wheels’ fleet included: the WALD Black Bison Mercedes-Benz S Coupe with BM13-L limited edition step lip concave wheels done up by our boys at RDB LA; a Vorsteiner Porsche 911 Turbo VRT Editon laced with Savini Forged SV63L wheels; and a Mansory Lamborghini Aventador on Savini Forged SV64L wheels with a Honeycomb carbon fiber step lip dressed up by RDB LA. But there were even more rides scattered throughout the show sitting on Savini Wheels like the U.S. debut of the Prior-Design Widebody GT-R on BM12-L limited edition step lip concave wheels done in collaboration with Toyo Tire, Impressive Wrap and APA Paint & Film Technologies; a Prior-Design Widebody BMW 5-Series on the all-new BM14-L limited edition step lip concave wheels in association with Toyo Tires and Impressive Wrap inside Toyo Tires’ Treadpass booth; RK Sport’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe on BM13 wheels in their booth; Antidote Performance x RK Sport Ford Mustang GT rocking BM11 wheels; and the Impressive Wrap Liberty Walk BMW M4 on Savini Forged SV63L step lip concave wheels wrapped in Toyo Tires in the DUB Magazine booth.

To kick off SEMA, we held our party at club Omnia with WALD USA and Super Street Magazine, which featured world renowned DJ/Producer Martin Garrix! Besides all the automotive eye candy featured in our booth, we also brought out our favorite models to accompany the rides and wheels.

If you want more info on the various debuts from Savini Wheels, check out the blog post on Black di Forza here, Savini Forged and Diamond here!


Savini Forged & Diamond 2015 SEMA Debut | Savini Wheels

As another great year at SEMA comes and goes, we’re excited to announce what’s new for Savini Forged and Diamond! Both of our forged lines provide customers and their rides with the style and luxury they crave and now we’ve added even more eye-catching designs! Our Forged collection is our most refined and meticulously designed product, offering a variety of configuerations and a wide variety of custom finishes, while our urban-inspired Diamond line features neck-breaking styles worthy of any show or custom. Check out what’s new for both lines below:


Chevy Corvette C7 Stingray | Savini Diamond Lazio | Savini Wheels | Moonshadow Dallas

Everything on the new Corvette C7 Stingray makes it the most refined Stingray ever and its aggressive exterior fused with precision performance make it the perfect ride for those who want style and speed. Moonshadow Dallas creates head-turning customs and this Corvette C7 Stingray is a sight to behold not just because of its stand out red hue, but because of its color-matched Savini Diamond Lazio wheels.


1975 Chevy Caprice Convertible | Diamond Series Marconi | Savini Wheels | WTW Customs

When our at boys WTW Customs reached out to us about this 1975 Chevy Vert, we knew it was going to be a head turner, but didn’t expect it be this stunning! Dressed in a sky blue exterior, we knew our Diamond Series Marconi wheels would complement the Caprice’s classic style while adding an elegant flair and opted for some 26×9 front and 26×10 rear wheels in a flashy chrome finish.


Now Available | Savini Diamond Lazio | Savini Wheels

The Savini Diamond line is cut from only the best aluminums in the industry in a multi-piece construction and is one of our most refined and meticulously designed collections. The Lazio wheel style comes in (4) different profile configurations, as well as various custom finishes, making them a great addition to any show car or your everyday ride. Designed for the streets, the Lazio is an urban-inspired wheel that demands attention.


DJ Infamous x DUB | Savini Diamond Solaro | Savini Wheels

Our wheels grace the rides of many different people – from entrepreneurs and businessmen, to everyday Joe’s and celebrities – which is how it should be. We created our various wheel styles with different rides and personalities in mind, and we’re always stoked to see them on high-profile rides like DJ Infamous’ Cadillac Escalade. He was recently shot with his pal Ludacris for the cover of DUB Magazine. A 26″ set of our Diamond Solaro wheels (from PTAP) add some extra style to his beloved Escalade, which is proudly poses next to for the magazine’s feature. Check out the photos here and read more about DJ Infamous and Ludacris over at DUB Magazine here!


Savini Diamond Ancona Now Available | Savini Wheels

The Savini Diamond line is our most refined and meticulously designed products cut from only the best aluminums in a multi-piece construction with (4) different profile configurations and a wide variety of custom finishes that are designed for the streets and for shows. Our Ancona style is an urban-inspired wheel that’ll turn heads everywhere you roll.


Savini Wheels Presents Savini Diamond | All New For 2014

Art, Expression, and Influence are words that come to mind when I think about the New Savini Diamond Series. When you think about Savini Wheels you might think about our “Savini Forged” line that put us on the map or maybe even our popular one-piece line, Black di Forza. This new Savini Diamond line is a whole new representation of the Savini Wheels brand. Quite frankly this has been coming for quite some time. These designs are each a unique canvas and an artistic rendition of many things and places that influence us.

With influences from both coasts stemming from places such as Miami and Los Angeles these (7) new Savini Diamond designs are unique and on a whole new level for the larger size full face wheel game. The Savini Diamond wheels are available in (4) different configurations including a new one we call Curvoso.