Top 10 Forged Wheels

Looking for a set of forged wheels for your ride? Look no further than Savini Wheels! We have a vast forged wheel collection that’ll suit any style, personal preference and vehicle. Forged wheels for cars are a great way to add some personal style and can even help improve the performance.

Adding a set of forged wheels to your vehicle can offer several advantages. These forged rims are made using a special manufacturing process so that the wheel ends up stronger by eliminating things like porosity, cavities and shrinkage. Because of their tighter grain structure, forged wheels for vehicles are stronger, resulting in better wear resistance on the road. You’ll also get better handling and performance with forged wheels because of this process.

While there are several ways to customize a ride, adding a set of forged wheels is the easiest to do! Just look for a style that catches your eye in a finish that complements your ride. Here are some of the top 10 forged wheels from Savini Wheels:

  1. SL1

The Savini Luxury series provides function and style without having to replace the luxurious center cap for exclusive rides like Rolls-Royces. The S1 provides classic styling that’ll impress all!

2. SV67

With more than 80 different forged wheel styles, the SV67 is a stunner! The Forged multi piece wheel comes in a variety of different profile configurations and finishes.

3. SX04

Made exclusively for luxury and European vehicles, the SX forged wheel collection features a custom bolt pattern, window detail, deep concave profile and is made with T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum construction. The SX04 has an aggressive design that’s unique and easy on the eyes.

4. SV72

Stand out on the streets with our Forged SV72 wheel that features an exceptional design and comes in multiple finishes and configurations.

5. SL 3

The SL3 is a sleek option for when you’re driving some luxurious rides. It’s sophisticated and modern, which will accentuate any Rolls-Royce in town!

6. SV83

The multi-spoke design of the SV83 is aggressive and modern. It comes in various sizes and finishes to suit your favorite ride.

7. SX01

Stand out from the rest of the cars on the road with a set of SX01 forged wheels from Savini! The bold design will turn heads and you’ll be able to floss your ride in style.

8. SD28

The Savini Diamond forged wheel line features bold, urban designs that won’t disappoint when you want to floss. the SD28 style is perfect for any old school or new school ride of your choice!

9. SV65

Sleek and stylish is how you’d describe the SV65 forged wheel! It’s the perfect look for when you want something classy and not too over the top!

Brushed Copper | Duoblock

10. SD34

If you want to show off your ride, then the forged wheel SD34 style from Savini is what you need! The forged rim comes in various sizes and finishes to complement your ride.

Interested in our forged wheel styles? You can call us or email us at so that we can help you located a dealer near you!

So what is your favorite forged wheel style from Savini?!