Things To Know When Buying Car Wheels

As a wheel company, we want to make sure all of our customers are well informed when it comes to buying car wheels. After all, your ride is an extension of your personality and style, so your car rims need to reflect your tastes and desires. At Savini Wheels, we take pride in making sure we make quality and stylish wheels for the discerning automotive enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if your roll in some high-end sports car or just an everyday whip – we make wheels for all sorts of cars.

We get lots of emails and calls about things to know when buying car wheels, so we figured a post explaining this should greatly help those looking to dress their beloved whip with a new set of forged wheels or cast wheels. Here are a few things you should note when looking to purchase a new set of wheels (we hope that you’ll go with Savinis) for your car:

Reputable Wheel Company

You don’t want to purchase your car rims from just any company you find on the Internet. Instead, purchase from a reputable car wheel seller like Savini! We’ve been in the industry for a minute and have had various editorial features and online posts that back up our amazing wheel quality. Buying your car rims from a reputable company give you peace of mind when you’re flossing your ride at shows or on the streets.

Cast, Forged or Flow Formed

Not all wheels are created equal. In fact, there are three different types of wheels and this is based on how they are manufactured. The three different wheel styles for cars include: cast, forged and flow formed. Savini Wheels offers all three different types of wheels. When choosing your wheels, you need to decide on the look and function you’re going for. Cast wheels are great for everyday commutes and are easier on your pocket than forged wheels. They are also readily available to consumers faster than forged wheels (which usually take a month or two to manufacture). Cast wheels are also blank, so you can get a wider variety of offsets (aggressive or more conservative).

A BMW dressed with a set of Black di Forza BM12 Savini Wheels

However, forged wheels often times look a lot nicer and complement luxury and upscale rides like Lambo, Ferraris, Rolls-Royces and the like. Plus, forged wheels come in more diameters and widths (you can get bigger wheels and wider wheels for custom builds and aggressive stances). Savini also offers different profile configurations, which changes the look of the wheel. Forged wheels also offers a wide variety of finish options because you can paint the inner, outer or centers of the wheel to match your ride (or build theme).

A Lambo wearing a set of our Forged SV84 Savin Wheels

Flow formed wheels are great for performance vehicles because they are lightweight yet strong at the same time. They are also priced moderately behind forged wheels.

A Corvette C8 on SV-F5 Flow Formed Savini Wheels

Variety of Styles

The more styles, the better! Everyone has different tastes and that’s why we have a vast variety of wheel styles to choose from. You want to make sure that you’re wheels look good on the streets, so making sure that the wheel company has a vast collection to choose from helps. Extra points if they have a wheel builder (like we do), so that you can see the different styles on your ride before you buy them.

Price Range

You don’t want to buy car rims that are too cheap, but then again, you don’t want to blow your month’s paycheck on them, either. Look for affordable car wheels that work with your budget. If you have the means, of course, opt for some three-piece forged wheels, but if you’re looking for something a bit lower in price (but with still great quality), cast and flow formed wheels work best.

Now that you’re more versed in all-things car wheels, it’s time to purchase a set of Savinis for your ride! We have our Forged collection, which has more than 80 different wheel styles to choose from (not to mention tons of finish options). Our SV-F collection is for performance-oriented drivers and are our flow formed offerings. Our Black di Forza collection is great for everyday drivers, with various options to choose from.

Now you know what things to know when buying car wheels! Not sure what you want or looking for a Savini Wheels authorized dealer near you? Email us at!