Tesla Model S | Black di Forza BM12 | Savini Wheels | PTAP

We’ve been noticing more Tesla Model S vehicles on the road lately and so have PTAP, who recently customized their very own Model S. More and more drivers are opting to go green and the Model S is the perfect ride to do that in since it doesn’t compromise style or performance even though it’s an electric vehicle. As an evolution in automobile engineering, the advanced electric powertrain in the Model S is unlike any other combustion engine since it only has one moving piece, the rotor, which allows it to go hit 60 mph in as little as 3.1 seconds and still provide a silent and smooth ride. In terms of looks, the sedan is already a stunning machine on the road, but PTAP enhanced it’s styling by wrapping it with a 3M brush titanium wrapped custom painting its logos. It’s also features a tint with LLumar film and rocks a set of Black di Forza BMW 22×9 front and 22×10.5 rear wheels in a blue finish. For more info, visit PTAP’s site PTAP.




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