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Savini Wheels has released its new Black di Forza website, which features an eye-catching design, streamlined navigation and enhanced features – all dedicated to their BM Series of wheels. The new site,, offers detailed descriptions and photos of the Black di Forza wheel collection, including style shots of the various wheels, finish options and sample car applications for easy reference. Customers can get a feel of each Black di Forza wheel and receive information on how to purchase their favorite wheel style.

“Our new website is dedicated to showcasing our Black di Forza BM Series collection and features an attractive layout that provides users with relevant information, photos and videos,” said Tony Madrigal, Marketing Director of Savini Wheels. “The website also easily directs users to the main Savini Wheels site, which has our wheel builder, Savini Forged and Savini Diamond wheel lines, blog and more, so that they are always in the know.”


The site also features the latest video from the collaboration between Savini Wheels and pro skateboarder Thetois Beasley. To enhance the exterior styling of his Bentley GT, Savini Wheels added a set of Black di Forza BM12 wheels in a matte black finish. The video showcases the Nike-sponsored skateboarder busting some tricks at L.A.-based streetwear shop Brooklyn Projects and flaunting his new wheels.


blackdiforza-website-launch-(5)The Black di Forza BM Series line is manufactured from a single block of cast aluminum and is one of Savini Wheels’ simplest, more essential products for everyday use. The latest styles include BM13, BM12, BM11, BM10 and BM9. Each wheel is offered in a variety of standard finishes, as well as many custom finishes that will complement a wide range of vehicles. Each wheel in the BM Series collection features a deep concave spoke profile to enhance its style and design, while all demonstrating the latest technology in one-piece cast wheel manufacturing with their continuous lip design.

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