LTMW x Impressive Wrap Porsche 997 Martini | SV63 | Savini Wheels

The Porsche 911 has been called this since 1963 despite the fact that there has been several versions of the luxury ride within the 911 moniker. The “997” was made from 2005 to 2012 and can go from rest to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, turning heads with its appealing good looks.

Old & New Body Kit

To add to its already eye-catching looks, the crew at LTMW added an Old & New exclusive bodykit straight from Japan. The kit not only accentuates the car’s fine curves of the Porsche, but also elevates its style. With the popularity of more aggressive lines, the Old & New kit provides that widebody allure in a classier look. The look combines the presence of a modern Porsche with elements from the 1980s slant-nose Porsches that exuded classiness. With a philosophy that fuses together the past and present, Old & New created a kit like no othe Impressive Wrap then dressed it with some Martini livery to give it some more appeal!

Luxury Wheels

To finish of the look, a set of Forged SV63-P wheel were added! Our forged wheels are cut from the best aluminums on there market. We create create luxury wheels any ride will benefit from. If you’re looking for Porsche wheels, then look no further than a set of forged Savini Wheel!