Liberty Walk BMW M4 | Savini Forged SV61-C | Impressive Wrap

When we were looking for a SEMA vehicle to display in our booth at the biggest automotive aftermarket convention in the world, we knew we had to ask Impressive Wrap for their Liberty Walk BMW M4. Not only did it have an eye-catching Liberty Walk widebody kit that made the car unique, but it also featured a picture-worthy satin chrome wrap done by Impressive Wrap. It was a sight to behold and we knew it would benefit from one of our latest additions to the Savini Forged lineup. The LB Performance Liberty Walk M4 Widebody kit includes a front diffuser, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler and fender flares, while AeroFlow Dynamics carbon fiber side diffusers were also added to take the M4's exterior looks to the next level. It's slammed to the ground thanks to a KW Suspension coilover system, while it growls with the addition of a GT Haus Meisterschaft exhaust system. To complement the M4's performance, a set of Toyo Tire Proxes 4 Plus tires were wrapped around our Savini Forged SV61-C wheels in Black with Brushed Accents. The M4 was such a hit at SEMA 2014 that it was requested to be on display inside DUB Magazine's booth at the 2014 LA Auto Show. Wheel/Tire Specs: SV61-C in Black with Brushed Accents Front: 20x10.5 | Rear: 20x12 Toyo Tire Proxes 4 Plus 265/35R20 | 295/30R20 Special thanks to Prestige Marketing, Xsthetic Motorsports and LTMW Photos by Cliff Sutrisno (@timeatk) silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-5 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-3 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-4 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-6 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-7 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-8 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-9 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-10 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-11 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-12 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-13 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-14 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents-15 silver-libertywalk-wideboy-bmw-m4-savini-forged-wheels-sv61c-blackwith-braushed-accents

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