Lamborghini Urus | SV-F2 | Savini Wheels | Impressive Wrap

There’s no denying the allure of a Lamborghini. As one of the most sought after exotic automobile manufacturers, Lamborghinis are vehicles practically everyone dreams of owning one day. These machines are crafted with such care, quality and refinement that owning one provides a status symbol of good taste and wealth. While Lamborghini’s exotic supercars will never go out of style, the auto manufacturer needed to keep up with the times and keep up with the competition when it came to providing a roomier SUV option. Several years in the making, Lamborghini finally released their highly anticipated Urus!

The World’s First Super Sport Utility Vehicle

With a super sports car soul and the exterior (and functionality of an SUV), the Urus is the future of the brand. Thank to its unmistakable DNS, this isn’t your average SUV. With every curve, line and detail conveying solidity, strength and safety, the Urus is without a doubt a luxury SUV taken to new heights. Its advance design, extraordinary driving dynamics and thrilling performance all join forces to create a versatile vehicle that’s suited for everyday driving. But it sill provides that distinct Lambo engine sound fans adore and a superior driving exprience that only cars dressed with the Ranging Bull emblem can provide!

Addd Performance

Because we knew the Lamborghini Urus was like no other SUV, we knew the special ride needed wheels that were both sporty and stylish and threw on a set of SV-F2 in a black/DDT finish! Our SV-F wheels were perfect given their special MFT technology that makes performance a priority in the manufacturing process. Because the Urus is a beautiful masterpiece, Impressive Wrap installed a satin clear bra to protect its exterior form everyday driving nuisances.