Lamborghini Huracan EVO | Forged SV82L | Savini Wheels

When it comes to a Lamborghini, the Huracan is the top choice for many who can afford the steep price tag. But for those who real power and refinement comes the EVO edition. The Evo is the result of fine-tuning and enhancing already existing features on the beloved exotic while also combining new design solutions to make it look even better and increase performance. The EVO stands out for its ability to cater and anticipate the driver’s behavior, desires and expectations.

The exterior features aerodynamic solutions all across the board while still remaining tire to the design ethos of what makes a Lamborghini such an industry icon. The front bumpers has that Y-shape you’d expect from a Lamborghini, hood lines taken from the Contact and skirt air intakes seen on the Murcielago.

Inside, there’s cutting-edge technology and luxury comforts for drivers lucky enough to sit behind the steering wheels. All interior finishes reflect authentic Italian design and are made from the best of the best! or the first time, Carbon Skin was used, which is an innovative carbon-fiber material only available on Lamborghini vehicles.

While you might think there’s nothing more to upgrade on the Lamborghini Evo, this white Huracan’s stance needed improvement. That’s why we added a set of Forged SV82s in a step-lip configuration and brushed gold finish. The SL (Step Lip Concave) configuration utilizes a center disk that is 1” smaller in diameter to reduce weight, unsprung mass, and improve return on inertia. The configuration also features a unique concave spoke profile and a signature undercut for improved aerodynamics. The gold perfectly complements the white exterior and adds to its flashy demeanor.

We have a ton of other Lamborghini wheel styles to choose from so if you like what you see, email to find a dealer near you!