Hennessey Venom GT | Savini Wheels

Well what can we say about this bad boy? They call it the Venom GT. It’s made by the one and only Hennessey Performance. It is arguably the fasted car there is. Of course its technically not a “production” car so its excluded from some of the world speed records but to be honest that makes me like the car a little more.

For some time now Hennessey Performance has been using Savini Wheels almost exclusively for most of their vehicles. They knew that in their line of work (making cars go ridiculously fast) they’d need wheels that were up to the challenge. Our MONO Series is the gold standard for engineering and performance within the wheel industry.

Its a pretty cool thing to be able to say that our wheels are the fastest wheels in the world. HA!

Check out this video and let us know what you think of the incredible Venom GT by Hennessey Performance