2016 DUB Show Tour LA | Savini Wheels

The Los Angeles stop of the annual DUB Show Tour is always a highly anticipated event for car lovers in Southern Cali and it all went down on Sunday, July 10th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We showed off our latest wheel styles and a few of the hottest rides around on Savini Wheels, which made our booth one of the most frequented during the show! The eye candy at our booth included: a WALD Black Bison Benz S550 on Black di Forza BM13-L wheels by Impressive wrap; another WALD Black Bison Mercedes S55o coupe on BM14 wheels dressed up by RDB LA; VOrsteiner Lamborghini Huracan rocking Forged SV67-D wheels by Antidote Motorsports and a Ferrar 458 laced with a limited edition Misha Designs widebody kit on SV67-L wheels.

Also in our booth were some Prior-Design x Savini rides like a widebody Corvette on 24k gold step lip concave SV67-L wheels, widebody GT-R rocking BM12-L step lip wheels and a smoking hot Ferrari 458 sitting on BM14 gloss black Black di Forza wheels. Besides the neck-breaking fleet of exotics and luxury rides, Marie Madore and Bambi were holding it down, posing for pictures and signing autographs for guests. Besides all the custom cars and wheels, guests of the show were also treated to a banging concert, with performances from 50 Cent, Schoolboy Q, French Montana, Desiigner, OT Genasis and more!

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