Black di Forza SEMA 2015 Debut | Savini Wheels

Our Black di Forza collection is a customer favorite because of its luxurious styles that are great for everday use. Each year, we debut a new style for the collection at SEMA and this year we’ll not only showcase the new BM14, but also a limited edition collection of forged BM wheels, featuring the new Step Lip configuration! Read on below to find out more info on the new Black di Forza styles:

  • New BM14 wheel style
    • Custom and Standard finishes
    • Custom bolt pattern machined per order to perfectly fit each vehicle
    • TPMS compatible
    • Back pad weight reduction
    • Concave profile
    • Continuous lip design
    • Now available in 21×9 and 21×10.5 sizes

Savini-black-di-forza-bm14-matte-black Savini-black-di-forza-bm14-machined-black

  • New BF Series
    • Step Lip Forged BM limited edition wheels for BM9-BM14 styles
    • Only 25 sets per style will be available, with each wheel engraved with the limited edition number and will come with a certificate of authenticity
    • Titanium hardware to increase weight savings
    • FEA Analysis Certificate, which ensures a perfect fit for each vehicle
    • Tailored vehicle fitment and unique finishes
    • Reduced weight, adding to the vehicle’s performance
    • Optimal street and track performance for enhanced handling
    • Floating spoke design
    • Deep concave profile
    • Aluminum center cap
    • Front face bolt patterns further recessed for even more weight reduction

savini-black-di-forza-BM13-L-matte-black-copper-lip savini-black-di-forza-BM12-L-brushed-high-polish savini-black-di-forza-BM9-L-brushed-high-polish