2013 SEMA Show Recap | Savini Wheels

Somehow, someway, every year, the industry pushes everything to the next level. whether you’re involved in Off-Road products, Wheels, Tires, Performance, or anything else, the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV is the place to put it all on the line. We here at Savini Wheels know that the first week of November is the 1 week out of the year where we set the tone for the other 55. This year we picked “The Gold Standard” as a tagline and judging by the feedback we’ve received it as an appropriate one. In the months leading up to SEMA 2013 we established a relationship with one of the largest Exotic Car Dealers in the US. CNC Motors was nice enough to collaborate with us on 3 beautiful cars: 1 White Ferrari 458 Italia sitting on the new SV54's, 1 Orange Lamborghini Aventador equipped with an epic body kit by Misha Designs rolling on newly designed SV53′s. And a gorgeous Black Rolls Royce Ghost that rode in style with wheels from our brand new Savini Diamond Line. We also had some other really great cars including the Prestige Marketing Widebody Chevy Camaro equipped with one of our most innovative designs yet, SV57. The booth wouldn't have been complete without arguably the nicest car you can buy right now, the 2014 Mercedes-benz S550 sitting nicely on our Black di Forza BM7's. Big shout out to our friends over at Dub Magazine for making room for 3 more great cars in their DUB LIVE section outside! We showed up strong with a Ferrari 599, 2014 Range Rover Full Size, and Tony Royster Jr's epic Widebody Dodge Challenger. As fantastic as our car lineup was, it wouldn't be the SEMA Show without one final ingredient, girls. Like every year we wanted to make a lasting impression so we showed up with a stunning duo. Constance Nunes & Mis Morning Star gracefully complimented our 2013 SEMA Show vehicle lineup with their good looks. Be sure to follow them here: Constance Nunes Facebook Mis Morning Star Facebook All in all this was without a doubt the best SEMA Show in Savini Wheels history. On behalf of everyone here at Savini Wheels we thank you for your continued support in allowing us to be The Gold Standard of the Wheel Industry. Enjoy the photos below and be sure to leave a comment at the bottom! IMG_9982 IMG_9970 IMG_9961 IMG_9864 IMG_0412 IMG_0409 IMG_0334 IMG_0292 IMG_0246 IMG_0224 IMG_0073 IMG_0064 IMG_0054 IMG_0046 IMG_0034 IMG_9997 copy IMG_0296 copy IMG_0281 IMG_0259 copy IMG_0251 copy IMG_0209 copy IMG_0191 IMG_0185 IMG_0015 copy IMG_0005 copy IMG_0010 copy IMG_0252