What Can Telematics Do for Your Luxury Car? | Savini Wheels

Telematics is a new auto-insurance feature combining telecommunications and informatics into one function — sending detailed information about driving habits and vehicle performance. It helps you customize your insurance premiums, but it can also provide many other benefits. Depending on your luxury vehicle, you can add a telematics device to your vehicle or it may already come standard with embedded telematic systems. Such vehicle brands that provide this feature include BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla, to name a few. So if you’re wondering if you should utilize the power of telematics for your luxury car, here are a few impressive things about the in-car technology.

1. Makes Driving Safer

The main benefit of telematics is a safer driving experience. A telematics system monitors your driving behavior and provides real-time feedback on what habits need improvement. If the system includes a dash cam, it can spot risks in front of your car and send a quick alert for stopped vehicles or pedestrians. This benefit is enormous for luxury car owners because they must drive more carefully than most others. As much as you might want to show off your car’s capabilities, there’s a lot of money at stake. You can’t afford to drive recklessly. A telematics system will check your impulses and encourage safe driving habits to protect you and your vehicle.

2. Select the Best Routes

Telematics slowly gathers information about the roads you drive each day. After enough time, the system can determine the fastest and slowest routes based on several factors. Your driving habits, road conditions, traffic patterns, speed limits and many other items come into play. Driving efficiently can save your luxury car from experiencing unnecessary wear and tear.

3. Recommend Maintenance Tasks

As the telematics system learns more about your vehicle, it will recommend the most pressing maintenance tasks. This feedback is essential for luxury car owners with many maintenance responsibilities compared to other car owners. You’ll be able to address minor mechanical problems before they worsen and keep your car healthy.

4. Reduce Fuel Expenses

As a direct consequence of monitoring driving behavior, selecting the best routes and providing maintenance tips, telematics helps reduce fuel expenses. The system logs the fuel consumption of each trip and can determine how much fuel the driver wasted from idling or speeding. This information can be beneficial for luxury cars with low gas mileage.

5. Provide Engine Diagnostics

Along with giving you essential maintenance and fuel consumption tips, telematics provides more detailed engine diagnostics. The system tells you the problem and lays out potential solutions if and when the check engine light turns on. Instead of guessing the problem’s source, you can take swift and efficient action to the problem.

6. Optimize Interior Applications

Telematics can also give you information about how you use your car’s interior applications. You might be using the air conditioning too much, which leads to extra fuel consumption. Perhaps the driver seat’s orientation impacts your experience with the pedals or steering wheel. If you get distracted by your cell phone or the car radio, the telematics system sends an alert to get your attention back on the road.

7. Enhance the Driving Experience

Telematics mainly provides practical advice, but the data you gather also helps you make aesthetic vehicle adjustments. For example, you might upgrade your wheels with one of Savini’s eye-catching collections to improve your car’s visual appeal. You could change the interior seating to fit your body type more comfortably. These changes indirectly enhance your vehicle’s performance and the driving experience because they make you more confident behind the wheel.

8. Support Drivers in Legal Issues

A telematics system creates transparency between the driver and the insurance company, ensuring every claim gets fair coverage. It also provides compelling evidence for legal issues. Thanks to telematics, innocent drivers can’t get falsely accused of causing an accident or hitting a pedestrian. These false accusations seem more common with luxury cars because of the owner’s perceived wealth.

Add Telematics to Your Luxury Vehicle

A telematics system will benefit any driver, but it can help luxury car owners. You might worry about your driving habits, preventative maintenance, fuel expenses and legal issues more than the average car owner. Adding telematics technology to your prized vehicle will help keep it healthy and give you greater peace of mind behind the wheel.

Author Bio: Oscar Collins is the founder and editor-in-chief at Modded, where he writes about cars, luxury topics and more. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates!