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Tesla vehicles are having a serious moment right now. It seems everywhere you turn, there’s a Tesla vehicle right next to you on the road. Maybe it’s because they’re more affordable than ever or maybe it’s because people are tired of paying outrageous gas prices. Whatever the reason is, you can’t go wrong with a Tesla given they are the future.

But, of course, you don’t want to drive around in just any Tesla, right? Nope! You want to spice it up to look good and fit your personal style. That’s where our Tesla wheels come in. We offer some of the best wheels for Tesla cars on the market. Savini Wheels offers a variety of Tesla rims to choose from, including everyday, budget friendly Tesla wheels to luxury forged Tesla rims. We basically have Tesla wheels in a variety of styles, styles and finishes, so you’re bound to find something that catches your eye.

Feeling luxurious? Why not go with our luxury Forged Tesla wheels from our SV line! Or if you want high-performance Tesla wheels to boost your EV’s performance, range and looks, our SV-F flow formed Tesla rims will do the trick. These Tesla rims feature improved strength and weight savings that can even increase your Tesla vehicle’s range and performance compared to the original OEM wheels it came with. Depending on what Tesla your drive (a Model 3, Model Y, Model S or Model X), the OE wheels can weigh anywhere from 22 lbs. all the way to practically 40 lbs. (and that’s before adding in the weight of the tires). Our cast BM collection will also look great on any Tesla, too!

It’s time to elevate the look of your Tesla and a set of Savini Wheels for Tesla is a perfect addition to whatever Tesla model you have. Check out some of these Teslas dressed in Savini Wheels for some inspiration! And once you have a Tesla wheel you like in mind, reach out to to find a local dealer near you!

1. BM12 Matte Black On A Tesla Model X

2. SV-F2 Graphite On A Tesla Model X

3. SV-F2 Gloss Black On A Tesla Model 3

4. BM16 Gloss Black On A Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X | BM12 | Savini Wheels

Tesla is the pioneer of electric cars and their Model X is their SUV model, featuring enough space for the entire family. Touted as one of the safest SUVs on the planet, the electric vehicle will get you where you want to go with less of an impact on the environment. Built from the ground up, every part of the Tesla Model X provides a low carbon footprint.

With the most strange in any SUV in its class, the Model X can set up to 7 adults comfortability and still has the capability to tow up to 5,000 pounds! The Falcon Wing doors out back enhance accessibility to the SUVs back rows and will even open in the tightest parking spaces.

When it comes to driving, the Model X has an advanced autopilot advanced safety feature that’s designed to help you with the most burdensome parts of driving. The all-electric powertrain provides great performance and it’s the quickest SUV in its class. It goes from 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds!

With signature colors, you can easily make the Model X all your own. But you can’t forget about some new kicks! Savini has the best Tesla wheels on the planet! Our Model X wheels feature desirable designs and are made using quality materials for a stylish and smooth rides.

Take this sleek Tesla Model X wearing a set of Black di Forza BM12 Savini Wheels! These cast wheels are meant for everyday driving so it’s perfect for a family SUV like the Model X. To stand out, the bold design will turn heads everywhere you roll.

When it comes to cast wheels for Tesla models, they work great for those that want a personalized look. Wheels can provide a ride with a unique look and set it above other Teslas like it on the streets. Cast wheels also are more affordable than other wheels options and our Black di Forza BM line is perfect for those on a budget.

Check out how sophisticated these BM12s look on this Tesla Model X!

Tesla Model X | SV-F2 | Savini Wheels

Thanks to new advances in modern automotive technology, we’ve now hit the era where we’ll be seeing more and more electric vehicles on the roads. All of the biggest names in the automotive industry are offering electric models, including high-end names like Ferrari (with Lamborghini teasing us with several electric options that will someday hit the streets). But none are quite as well known as Tesla’s Model X, one of the first to introduce us to the electric car of the future back in 2012.

These days, more and more people have acknowledged the true beauty and benefits of owning an electric vehicle, and we’ve been noticing an increase in Tesla Model X wheel inquires. While the Tesla Model X has sleek looks straight from the factory, this particular owner wanted something that would for sure turn heads and wrapped it in a psychedelic color-changing wrap. Because the Tesla is still a luxury model, it needs to look good, so we added a set of 22″ Satin Bronze SV-F2 wheels for better performance and style!

Tesla Model S | Black di Forza BM12 | Savini Wheels | PTAP

We’ve been noticing more Tesla Model S vehicles on the road lately and so have PTAP, who recently customized their very own Model S. More and more drivers are opting to go green and the Model S is the perfect ride to do that in since it doesn’t compromise style or performance even though it’s an electric vehicle. As an evolution in automobile engineering, the advanced electric powertrain in the Model S is unlike any other combustion engine since it only has one moving piece, the rotor, which allows it to go hit 60 mph in as little as 3.1 seconds and still provide a silent and smooth ride. In terms of looks, the sedan is already a stunning machine on the road, but PTAP enhanced it’s styling by wrapping it with a 3M brush titanium wrapped custom painting its logos. It’s also features a tint with LLumar film and rocks a set of Black di Forza BMW 22×9 front and 22×10.5 rear wheels in a blue finish. For more info, visit PTAP’s site PTAP.