Rolls-Royce Ghost | SL7 | Savini Wheels

Driving a Rolls-Royce Ghost is a statement. The Spirit of Ecstasy that sits upon the hood like a jewel commands attention and lets everyone around know that you’ve arrived with a certain kind of clout. As a legendary car maker with a refined reputation of exemplary engineering since it first came. on the auto scene in 1906, a Rolls-Royce vehicle is what dreams are made of and what many aspire to own one day.

As the entry-level luxury sedan for Rolls-Royce, the Ghost offers opulent features and specs for which the renowned brand is famous. Its graceful exterior demands attention, while the interior that’s outfitted with the finest materials a car has ever seen.  Any person would be more than happy to leave their Ghost stock, too afraid to interfere with the vehicle’s already pristine looks and features. Still, a true enthusiast knows the value of a fresh set of new wheels to enhance the car’s overall beauty.

This particular RR Ghost features a unique green exterior and benefits from a set of SL7 wheels. Our Savini Luxury collection of car wheels is manufactured for the most exclusive vehicles on the planet, like Rolls-Royce’s impressive lineup of cars. But with our SL Series car wheels, customers don’t have to replace the luxurious center cap, allowing them to represent their unique style and stock center cap. The SL7 (along with the rest of the nine SL styles) all come in our duoblock configuration and are available in 20, 21, 22, 24, 26 sizes.

If you’re interested in our SL7 Savini Wheels or have your eye on a different SL style, email us at to locate an authorized Savini Wheels dealer near you!