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Road trips are an excellent way to see the beauty of the United States. These majestic sites introduce you to all kinds of scenery from Alaska to Maine and every state in-between. What better way to see these places than with your luxury vehicle? Here are five places you should take your luxury car this fall.

1.     Route 66

Why go to one state when you can go to eight? Route 66 is one of the most famous scenic routes in North America and the world. Route 66 opened in 1926 and marked an important time in U.S. history because it was the federal government’s first highway system. The route gave travelers a much easier time traveling west, reducing the travel by over 200 miles compared to other paths. Nowadays, you can still drive along the historic road from Chicago to Los Angeles and stop in places like St. Louis, Missouri, and Amarillo, Texas. Route 66 is almost 2,500 miles long, so ensure your luxury car is ready for the long drive.

Because of the distance, consider rebalancing your tires regularly to help the tread wear evenly on all four wheels. Savini Wheels can give you a set of tires that makes your luxury car look and perform best on any road. You can choose from cast, flow-formed and forged wheels in various finishes and fitments.

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2.     Pacific Coast Highway

Another terrific choice for a road trip is the Pacific Coast Highway if you like long drives. The length of this highway differs depending on how long you plan your trip. You can start in San Diego and end in Mendocino County, about three hours north of San Francisco. Once you get to Leggett, California, the highway turns into U.S. Route 101. From here, you can continue your trip to Seattle, Washington.

The Pacific Coast Highway offers breathtaking views of the ocean. It does come with some risks, so it’s essential to be careful when driving. You’ll cruise beside the ocean, often without guardrails on the side, so there is a risk of an accident. The best way to explore this highway is by cruising at the speed limit so you can appreciate the beauty around you. You may want to get an inspection before your cruise to find any issue that could be a liability.

3.     Portland, Maine

Those two locations are great if you love the West Coast, but if you’re an East Coast person, there are plenty of options. Maine has the easternmost point of the 50 states at Sail Rock in Lubec. About four hours south is the state’s largest city, Portland. Summers are famous in New England, but the fall brings beautiful colors and cool air, creating a fantastic atmosphere for a road trip. One thing you may know about Maine is its lighthouses. Maine has 65 lighthouses along its Atlantic coast, from the Whaleback Lighthouse to the Whitlocks Mill Lighthouse near the Canadian border. Maine is one of the best places to do fall activities. In Portland, Maine, you can see the Portland Head Lighthouse near downtown, go whale watching and hike at Cape Elizabeth.

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4.     Cape Cod, Massachusetts

If you’re planning an East Coast road trip, you can also include Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This historic location is about three hours south of Portland, Maine. Cape Cod has a rich history that will take you back centuries. Its name goes back to 1602 when explorer Bartholomew Gosnold named the tip of the peninsula Cape Cod. This area is one of the first for pilgrims arriving from England in the early 17th century. You can take your luxury car on beautiful roads like U.S. Route 6. This 120-mile highway takes you from Providence, Rhode Island, to the tip of Cape Cod. You’ll see beautiful villages and charming northeastern architecture along the way. While in Cape Cod, some fun fall activities include golf, a haunted history tour, pumpkin picking and more.

5.     Florida Keys

Fall means cooler weather, but if you want a last taste of summer’s warmth, head down to the Florida Keys with your luxury car. This scenic drive will feel like paradise when you see many miles of palm trees, white sand and the blue Atlantic ocean. To get to the Florida Keys, you’ll need to hop aboard U.S. Route 1, which starts in Maine and goes down the East Coast into south Florida. The highway totals about 2,400 miles. But the best part of the highway is at its southern tip with the Overseas Highway. It’s about 120 miles, and you’ll see coral reefs and other ocean life. One of the highlights of the Overseas Highway is Seven Mile Bridge. This bridge connects Little Duck Key to Knight’s Key and is one of the longest in the world. Your luxury car on this highway will look like a picture on a postcard.

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Fall Road Trips for Your Luxury Vehicle

If you like cooler weather and earlier sunsets, the fall is a terrific time to take a road trip. The leaves change into beautiful colors, and many cities have fun events to celebrate the season. Put your key in the ignition and take your luxury car to one of these five places this autumn.

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