Lexus RC 350 F Sport | Black di Forza BM13 | Savini Wheels

The Lexus RC 350 F Sport is a luxury coupe with sleek and sporty aesthetics that adds upon the base model RC 350. This smooth operator is an conspicuous import that combines a stylish exterior with ample horsepower, providing drivers with a luxury ride wherever they go. Powered by a V6 engine, the RC 350 F Sport delivers just over 300 hp and features a unique look that’s different from other Lexus models. The sport model offers several upgrades from the standard model, including an aggressive mesh front spindle grille, adaptive suspension and a new SPORT+ driving mode for more precise handling, as well as 4-wheel steering for taking sharp corners like a boss. To improve on its aggressive design, a set of Black di Forza BM13 wheels in a brushed red finish were added. Now the RC 350 F Sport is even more eye catching than before!