Now Available Forged SV64 | Savini Wheels

We unveiled a few new wheel styles at last year’s SEMA Show, incluidng our Forged SV64! The multi-spoke design is available in (7) configurations, including our all-new step lip option  that features a  center disk that’s actually 1” smaller in diameter, which reduces weight, improves return on inertia and reduces sprung mass. We offer both standard and custom finishes for all our Forged wheels, allowing you to choose the color that best fits your ride and style. Butler Tires & Wheels laced Atlanta Hawks’ Dennis Schroder’s gold Audi R8 with a set of our SV64 wheels in a gold finish, creating a truly unique ride that breaks necks!  (more…)

Audi R8 V10 | Black Di Forza BM10 Forged Monoblock | Savini Wheels | Butler Tires & Wheels

An Audi R8 is a stunning machine on its own, but add in a V10 under its hood and you have a bonafide supercar that rivals the best exotics out there. Its aggressive looks lets you know it means business, while its plush interior has all the luxurious refinements you’d expect from an Audi. An Audi R8 V10 a ride fit for any discerning baller and our boys at Butler Tires & Wheels in the ATL know that every dope ride is in need of a fresh set of wheels and laced this particular R8 V10 with a set of unique Savini Wheels. Since they loved the look of our Black di Forza collection, they requested that we create a special Forged Monobock BM10-M wheel instead of the usual cast set. And, of course, we had to oblige and couldn’t wait to see them rolling on the R8 V10!