Porsche 997 | SV63 | Savini Wheels

The Porsche 997 is an iconic ride for many. Its sleek styling and timeless elegance is what hooks you in, while its performance stats gets you excited for the ride. While some are more than content with the 997s obvious great looks right off the lot, there are many who want more from their Porsche.

Take for instance this wild Porsche 997 that garners second looks from all, with its unique wrap and amazing Savini SV63 forged wheels. LTMW got ahold of this Porsche 997 and added a sinister look to its exterior with a shark-esque wrap that’s anything but ordinary.

But what makes it even more aggressive is its Old and New Body kit, with its slant nose that makes a statement. The Japan-based body kit maker is notorious for its aggressive Porsche kits that really bring out the boldness of a Porsche vehicle.

If you’re looking for Porsche wheel, don’t worry because Savini has a ton of them available for you! From forged wheels for extra style to flow forged wheels for performance, we literally have something for every car enthusiast. Our Savini Forged collection has almost 100 different styles to choose from in various configurations. The BM collection is perfect for everyday use, while the flow forged SV-F line is for those who want lightweight wheels for extra performance (plus style).

Not sure what you’re looking for? No problem because we can help you decide on what wheel works best for your ride! You can easily use our wheel configurator on your own or email Sales@saviniwheels.com to find a dealer near you!

Let us know what you think of this Porsche 997 rocking a set of our SV63 Forged Savini Wheels!