Range Rover Sport | SV-F2 | Savini Wheels

The Range Rover Sport is a beloved SUV. It has enough room for family and for friends, a sporty exterior and amazing performance – all qualities that make for an exceptional vehicle.

The Range Rover Sport is made to make an impression. With a more contemporary feel and look, it’s a vehicle that’s perfect for those looking for a family vehicle that’s anything but. The distinctive grille and hood vents showcases its refined yet sporty style that begs fro attention.

When it comes to performance, there’s a range of powerful powertrains that provide amazing on-road performance. And if in-car technology is your thing, the Sport delivers! The Touch Pro Duo in-car infotainment system integrates two 10″ high-def touchscreens so that everything you need is at a touch of a screen.

To aid with performance and looks, this Range Rover Sport is slammed on a set of SV-F2 Savini Wheels. Our SV-F collection is our flow formed wheels, which are lighter and more durable than other collections. They’re great for performance vehicles like the Sport and are perfect for track days or everyday commutes.

Flow forging is an advanced way to make wheels in the industry and it’s quickly becoming a favorite for many performance enthusiasts. Our SV-F2 wheel style is perfect for those who want something elegant yet impactful when it comes to styling enhancements.

While or SV-F collection is perfect if you’re looking for Range Rover wheels, our Black di Forza and Forged collections will also do the trick! Both offer their own styling benefits, so it all depends on your personal preferences. B

But you can never go wrong with a set of Savini Wheels on your ride! Not sure what you’re looking for or need to find a Savini Wheels dealer near you? No problem! Just send an email to Sales@saviniwheels.com!

Lamborghini Urus | SV-F4 | Savini Wheels

When you think of an SUV, you might picture a clunky, large vehicle that has enough room for the entire family and then some. But these days, SUVs aren’t what they once were. Lamborghini re-imagined the SUV when they first released the 2018 Urus, which was the world’s first SUPER Sport Utility Vehicle.

On the outside, the Lamborghini Urus sports a sleek exterior, but at its core it’s still a sports car. As the fastest SUV on the planet, the price tag for one of these rides is more than $200K. It’s the family car for the rich and famous, providing more than enough room with handling power like its Aventador and Huracan brothers. But just because it’s the cheapest Lamborghini available, it’s still a raging bull that demands admiration.

It’s also highly coveted for those that seek adventure with style. The Urus can experience any road – from the track to the sand, gravel, rocks and even ice! Exploring new terrain with the family has never been more luxurious.

The outside is sporty and elegant, but with an off-road twist. The muscular surfaces show a very powerful machine that handles with grace. But the signature style cues of a Lambo are still there, with its Y-shaped and hexagonal details, the front hood with center peak and the crossed lines out back on the rear hood.

Inside is pure luxury, with comfort everywhere you turn. The aerospace-inspired design and driver-oriented instrumentation takes the interior of a ride to new heights. Like other Lambos, the interior can be customized to personal preference, with a wide range of colors and materials to choose from.

But sometimes, Lambo owners want to take their personalization efforts up a notch and decide to wrap it in a bold, blue exterior that screams for attention. Perfecting its stance (and performance) is a set of Bronze SV-F4 Savini flow formed wheels. The look of these multi-spoke flow forged wheels heighten the exterior and add a bit of contrast thanks to the bronze color.

If you’re looking for Lamborghini wheels, Savini has a variety of options, including forged wheels, cast wheels and these flow formed wheels. Flow forged Savini Wheels work great because they provide added performance to an already performance-oriented ride like the Lamborghini Urus. That’s because they’re built to be durable, yet lightweight, which makes them perfect for the fastest SUV in the world.

Savini makes quality rims made for the world’s top rides like the Lamborghini Urus! But if you aren’t flossing one, we have wheels for everyday and luxury rides, too. Make sure to peep our selection of car wheels to see what catches your eye! Need help, contact us!