Ferrari 488 | SV-F4 | Savini Wheels

When it comes to Ferraris, you need wheels that are not only going to enhance the vehicle’s exterior good looks, but that will also perform. Ferraris are made to go fast, so performance is key to choosing the right Ferrari wheels. Luckily for Ferrari owners, Savini has a wide range of Ferrari wheels to choose from.

While our Forged wheel collection is popular among many and our Black di Forza cast wheels are great for everyday driving, it’s our SV-F flow formed wheels that really stand out when it comes to performance. That’s why this Ferrari 488 stands proud on a set of SV-F 4 Savini Wheels. These wheels not only look amazing and complement the Prancing Stallion’s lavish lines and luxury exterior, but they’re made for pushing the pedal to the metal.

Our SV-F collection of flow forged wheels are made using the most innovative and advanced technology when it comes to wheel making. Flow forming technology is the process of applying pressure to the inner barrel of the a wheel during manufacturing. This is done while the wheels sins after it’s been casted. This unique process compresses and stretches the aluminum to increase the wheel’s strength.

In a lot of ways, flow forged wheels are similar to forged wheels during manufacturing. The end result is a wheel that’s stronger, lighter and has more elongation, as well as better shock resistance. It also has more load capacity over regular cast wheels.

Our SV-F collection features five (5) distinct styles that will also enhance the look and drive of your vehicle. Ferrari wheels need to stand out and these do just that! Plus, we offer a variety of finish options like this eye-catching bronze finish that sets off the look of a white hot 488.

Check out more of these wheels on a beautiful Ferrari 488 or check them out here!

Top 4 Ferraris On Savini Wheels

Ferrari is one of the most notable automotive brands in the world and their cars are some of the fastest on the planet. Their models are what dreams are made of with their sleek exterior and more than capable horsepower. Of course, any Ferrari model would be amazing to own, there are specific models that really rev up one’s automotive passion like the Ferrari 488, Ferrari 458 and the like.

Despite a Ferrari’s already great looks off of the assembly line, many owners like to add their own personal touch and personality to one of the world’s most coveted rides, upgrading the exterior looks with sleeker kits and more. Even just adding a new set of wheels can drastically change the look and provide a stance that will turn heads everywhere! A set of Savini Wheels does just that and we’ve compiled a few Ferraris whose stance is definitely heightened with the addition of Savini Wheels (forged or cast)!

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A Ferrari 458 Italia like no other thanks to a full Prior-Design aero kit, a matte metallic green wrap and a set of BM14 gloss back Savini Wheels thanks to Roadstarr Motorsports.
Roadstarr’s Ferrari 488 is a beast on the streets thanks to some seroius good looks and a set of Black di Forza BM15 Savini Wheels!
The Car Ninja Ferrari 458 is back on the scene with their latest iteration of the Italian Stallion – this time sporting a Misha Designs body kit and a set of all-new step lip concave Forged SV67-L #saviniwheels in a matte black with gold finish!
This Ferrari actually sports the first PSM carbon fiber aerodynamic performance kit that includes a front lip, side skirts and rear wing. To really make things pop, a set of Savini SV62 wheels in a brush red finish were added. Feast your eyes on this beauty for yourself!

After checking out these sophisticated Ferraris, it’s time to look for some wheels for your own ride! Whether your’e looking for forged wheels or cast wheels, we’ve got a style for everyone. Make sure to browse the site and let us know if something caught your eye so that we can direct you to a dealer near you (just email

Roadstarr Ferrari 488 | BM15 | Savini Wheels

The guys over at Roadstarr Motorsports really know how to make an already amazing vehicle even better! This Ferrari 488 is already a dream ride for many and they just stepped it up a notch with a set of Black di Forza BM15 Savini Wheels in a sleek gloss black finish. We can’t get enough of this sexy ‘Rari and neither will you once you see how gorgeous it is with a set of our favorite BM wheels!


Misha Designs 488 GTB | Black di Forza BM15 | Savini Wheels

Misha Designs knows that an ordinary exotic is nothing remarkable these days, which is why the L.A.-based company goes out of its way to morph ordinary rides into extraordinary beasts that get adored. Although they’re known for their Porsche and Mercedes-Benz body kits, they’ve recently set their eyes on Ferrari models, with this F88 GTB their latest victim. Their kit includes a hood and front bumper, side air intake covers and side skirts, a spoiler wing and rear bumper – all made from high-quality carbon fiber. And to really tie in its exterior look, a set of 20″ Black di Forza BM15 wheels were chosen. Check out the 488’s new look and wheels below!