Car Customization 101: 10 Changes To Customize Your Car

If you don’t like having things that everyone else has, you might be interested in customized things. Personalizing your most cherished possessions make them all your own and unlike what the masses have. That’s why car builders and car customizers always like to dress up their rides with aftermarket parts and accessories that make their every-day, run-of-the-mill cars different from the rest. Even upscale exotic car owners like to dress up their Lambos, Ferraris and the like to stand out from the rest! Changes to customize your car doesn’t need to take much except a desire to take your ride to the next level.

Car customization is a huge industry and there are thousands of shows all across the globe dedicated to showing off the most unique cars, trucks, SUVs and more on the planet. If you’re looking to change up the way your ride looks to make it all your own, here are some changes you can make when customizing your car:

New Car Wheels

The easiest (and best way in our opinion) to customize your ride is to throw on a new set of Savini Wheels! Aftermarket wheels for car will change up its stance and make rolling around town more stylish. Savini wheels offers a vast collection of different styles, so you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. We have Forged, flow formed and cast wheels, so you’ll definitely find the perfect wheel to spruce up your ride with. Message us at for info on finding an authorized dealer near your or whatever questions you have!

Benz GT 53 rocking some SV-F Savini Wheels For added performance

Window Tint

Another easy car customization is to have window tint installed on your car’s windows. Not only will it give it a more aggressive look, it’ll also help with in-car comfort since it’ll make the interior less hot! Plus, it gives you and your passengers much more privacy when out on the road.

Tinted windows on this Escalade rocking some Savini Forged Wheels

Upgraded Audio System

Boosting the audio makes driving much more enjoyable (and loud). Bang your favorite tunes with a new audio system that will shake when the bass drops. You’ll find that your daily commutes are easier to tolerate when you have concert-worthy sound.

Add Some Decals

Show off your car club or favorite sponsors (like Savini) with some decals and overlays. Custom car decals are easy to have made and are really affordable. You can easily apply them to the car yourself. These are perfect customizations for peeps who like to attend car shows and are IG car models.

New Paint

Not diggin’ your car’s current paint job? Not to worry since you can easily change it out for something a bit more your style. While some prefer to paint their new ride, others opt for car wraps in crazy color schemes and patterns. The car show circuit is notorious for these car wraps in rainbow colors! But you can really never go wrong with a black matte paint job, too.

When it comes to changes to customize your car, it doesn’t really take much to stand out. Sure, there are a ton of other things you can add or modify, but these are the best for those looking to change it up just a bit!