Butler Tires Lamborghini Huracan | SV88 | Savini Wheels

The Lamborghini Huracan is already a sight to behold thanks to its appealing exterior that breaks necks when you see on on the road. Add on a set of flashy wheels like our SV88 in a Duoblock configuration and you’ve got a dream machine hitting the streets thanks to our boys at Butler Tires & Wheels!

Butler Tires & Wheels Lamborghini Huracan | SV72-L | Savini Wheels

The allure of a Lamborghini Huracan is undeniable. The sleek lines, powerful engine and the Raging Bull insignia are all desirable traits of a Lamborghini, but add in a set of stylish wheels and a distinct body kit and you’ve got yourself a dream ride! Butler Tires & Wheels hooked up this Huracan with a 1016 aero kit and set of Forged SV72-L wheels for a transformative look that calls for illicit stares when it hits the pavement in the ATL!


Now Available Forged SV64 | Savini Wheels

We unveiled a few new wheel styles at last year’s SEMA Show, incluidng our Forged SV64! The multi-spoke design is available in (7) configurations, including our all-new step lip option  that features a  center disk that’s actually 1” smaller in diameter, which reduces weight, improves return on inertia and reduces sprung mass. We offer both standard and custom finishes for all our Forged wheels, allowing you to choose the color that best fits your ride and style. Butler Tires & Wheels laced Atlanta Hawks’ Dennis Schroder’s gold Audi R8 with a set of our SV64 wheels in a gold finish, creating a truly unique ride that breaks necks!  (more…)

BMW 335i | Black di Forza BM9 | Savini Wheels | Butler Tires & Wheels

Since 1975, the BMW 3 Series has been recognized as a sporty sedan. Now in its sixth generation, the 335i German stunner  combines dynamic design, agility and excellent everyday practicality, making it the most impressive version to date. Add in an M Sport package and you have the Ultimate Driving Machine! The special M Sport package further emphasizes the instantly recognizable characteristics of the 3 Series by adding a few enhancements like an aerodynamic kit, shadowily exterior trim, sport seats, M Sport suspension and steering wheel and more. But no dope ride would be complete without some Savini Wheels and this one flosses some 20×8.5″front and 20×10″ rear Black di Forza BM9 wheels in a Double Dark Tint finish. Thanks to our boys at Butler Tires and Wheels for the fitment!  (more…)

BMW i8 | Forged SV62 | Savini Wheels | Butler Tires & Wheels

The new BMW i8 is not your ordinary or traditional sports car – it’s an evolution of BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine.” The plug-in hybrid sports car is on everyone’s radar at the moment, thanks to its exhilarating driving experience from its all-electric motor combined with the power of a TwinPower Turbo engine and futuristic styling cues. During our trip to the “A” to visit our pals at Butler Wheels & Tires, we hooked up with Cartunes of Atlanta to get our hands on one of these green rides and slapped a set of Forged SV62 Savini Wheels in a sleek black and white finish! Driving around “Hot-lanta” in this baby garnered loads of attention and stares, which is exactly the response we wanted!


Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG | Forged SV28 | Savini Wheels | Butler Tires & Wheels

The guys at Butler Tires & Wheels are always fitting amazing cars with Savini Wheels, and their latest is this Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG that features Forged SV28-S 22×9 front and 22×10.5 rear wheels in a brushed black finish. The lust worthy sedan mixes sumptuous luxury with massive power thanks to its 557-hp twin-turbo V8. Inside, the cabin is dressed in leather, carbon fiber and even more leather, creating a luxurious atmosphere for the most discerning driver.


WALD Mercedes-Benz G63 | Forged SV39 | Savini Wheels | Butler Tires & Wheels

The Mercedes-Benz G63 is the ultimate luxury SUV and the guys at Butler Tires & Wheels fitted this menacing beast with some carbon fiber with gloss black Forged SV39 24×10 Savini Wheels in a carbon fiber w/ gloss black finish that complement its all-black exterior. The G-Wagen also flaunts a WALD Black Bison body kit that features new front and rear bumpers, fender flares and a rear wing that makes it a force to be reckoned with on the streets!