Ford Mustang GT | Black di Forza BM11 | Savini Wheels | Antidote Motorsports

Whenever our boys at Antidote Motorsports need a new set of wheels for any of their customs, we’re more than happy to send them whatever style best fits their build. So when they called us about a new Mustang GT project, we knew we had to throw on a set of Black di Forza BM11s in a brushed red finish. The result was pure style that can’t be beat! You can’t miss this baby as it drives past you on the road thanks to its bold red wheels and all of its other modifications that make it a unique ride.

Check out the full list of mods below!


Now Available | Black di Forza BM11 | Savini Wheels

When your ride needs extra style, look no further than a clean set of Black di Foza wheels. The line features sophisticated wheels that are manufactured from a single block of cast aluminum and are styled to perfection. As one of our simplest, more essential wheel lines, Black di Forza’s styles are great for everyday use. The BM11 style is now available and features a classic, yet bold design. Each set comes with a machined surface aluminum cap that has a newly designed Black di Forza logo engraved, while the deep concave spoke profile only enhances the style and design of the BM11 wheel.