WALD Black Bison Mercedes-Benz S550 | Black di Forza BM13 | Savini Wheels

When an ordinary Mercedes-Benz S550 won’t do, WALD has just the kit for you that enhances the S550’s envious looks by adding an aggressive demeanor  thanks a few exterior modifications that turn it into an extraordinary machine! The Black Bison W222 kit includes everything your Benz needs to look take its boss status to executive heights, including a roof spoiler, sport fender set, trunk spoiler, rear bumper w/ LED lamp, side skirt set and front bumper w/LED daytime running lamps. It also comes with a hardware lowering kit to give the S550 a fierce stance. Finishing off the bold new look on this Benz is a set of 22×9 front 22×10.5 rear Black di Forza BM13 Savini Wheels in a machined black finish! Shout out to Jonari for hooking it up with the WALD Black Bison kit!