What Is Wheel Offset?

If you’re purchasing a set of forged wheels, flow formed wheels or cast wheels, you’ve most likely come across the word “offset.” This is simply a common term used in the aftermarket wheel industry and is very important when buying a new set of car rims. Having the right offset ensures that your new car wheel style has enough clearance so that nothing rubs against the suspension, brakes or body of the car. Also, offset is vital for drivel safely. The wrong offset can mess with your ride’s brakes and reduce its stability while driving.

What Is Wheel Offset & Backspacing

Offset is how your ride’s wheels and tires are mounted on. Plus, it’s how they set well inside the wheel wells. There are different offsets when it comes to rides, so here is a breakdown of what they are and mean:

Negative Offset: This is the offset used when the hub mounting of your car is right behind the wheel’s centerline. Wheels that have a negative offset are considered to be “dee.”

Zero Offset: This is an offset that has its hub mounting surface perfectly in line with the centerline of the wheel.

Positive Offset: This is the opposite of a negative offset. The hub mounting surface is in front of the centerline of the wheel (meaning it’s facing the road).

What Is Backspacing?

Backspacing is another term you might come across when researching what new forged wheels you want for your car. This refers to the distance your tires and wheels need to accommodate both offset and wheel width. Backspacing is vital when looking for new forged wheels when you want something that is wider than the ones that come on the ride when you buy it.

You’ll want to get both offset and backspacing measurements right in order to get the right fit and look. Backspacing and offset will help with performance and handling, while also contributing to a safer ride. If you get these two things wrong, you’ll face some big challenges while driving. Plus, it’ll be costly since you’ll have to correct the problem with a new set of wheels.

Things To Remember About Wheel Offsets

Here are a few more things you’ll want to remember when purchasing new forged wheels for your ride:

  1. If your new forged rims are wider than the OEMs, factor in backspacing AND offset for that perfect fit!
  2. Offset and backspacing can be tricky. The wrong offset will throw off handling and stability (despite the wheel and tire having clearance). When looking for new car wheels, you don’t want to be off with the new offset more than 5 millimeters from the previous wheel set.
  3. Make sure the new wheel and tire package you opt for stays within the load capacity that’s recommended for the car.
  4. When you’re confused or doubting a certain wheel offset see, just go to a wheel professional like us! This way, you’ll get help figuring the right backspacing and offset your ride needs for better handling. Savini Wheels uses a network of authorized dealers across the nation and world! Email us at Sales@saviniwheels.com for more help.

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