The Best Wheels For Tesla Vehicles | Savini Wheels

Tesla vehicles are having a serious moment right now. It seems everywhere you turn, there’s a Tesla vehicle right next to you on the road. Maybe it’s because they’re more affordable than ever or maybe it’s because people are tired of paying outrageous gas prices. Whatever the reason is, you can’t go wrong with a Tesla given they are the future.

But, of course, you don’t want to drive around in just any Tesla, right? Nope! You want to spice it up to look good and fit your personal style. That’s where our Tesla wheels come in. We offer some of the best wheels for Tesla cars on the market. Savini Wheels offers a variety of Tesla rims to choose from, including everyday, budget friendly Tesla wheels to luxury forged Tesla rims. We basically have Tesla wheels in a variety of styles, styles and finishes, so you’re bound to find something that catches your eye.

Feeling luxurious? Why not go with our luxury Forged Tesla wheels from our SV line! Or if you want high-performance Tesla wheels to boost your EV’s performance, range and looks, our SV-F flow formed Tesla rims will do the trick. These Tesla rims feature improved strength and weight savings that can even increase your Tesla vehicle’s range and performance compared to the original OEM wheels it came with. Depending on what Tesla your drive (a Model 3, Model Y, Model S or Model X), the OE wheels can weigh anywhere from 22 lbs. all the way to practically 40 lbs. (and that’s before adding in the weight of the tires). Our cast BM collection will also look great on any Tesla, too!

It’s time to elevate the look of your Tesla and a set of Savini Wheels for Tesla is a perfect addition to whatever Tesla model you have. Check out some of these Teslas dressed in Savini Wheels for some inspiration! And once you have a Tesla wheel you like in mind, reach out to to find a local dealer near you!

1. BM12 Matte Black On A Tesla Model X

2. SV-F2 Graphite On A Tesla Model X

3. SV-F2 Gloss Black On A Tesla Model 3

4. BM16 Gloss Black On A Tesla Model X

New SX Series Wheel Styles | Savini Wheels

Don’t mind us… we’re just over here busy at work dropping some new wheel styles! You’ve seen our latest styles for SV Forged and some sick looks for our exclusive NCredible NC collection that’s in partnership with the iconic Nick Cannon, so now we’d like to introduce you to new SX Series wheels.

These wheels are made to adorn European and luxury vehicles, with each style reflecting elegance and sophistication that help elevate the already impressive allure of these fine rides. Each wheel in our SX Series collection is styled for perfection, which is why it’s one of our most popular forged wheel lines.

All five new SX Savini Wheel styles feature a custom bolt pattern, window detail, deep concave profile and is made utilizing T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum construction. These forged wheels come in a variety of custom colors and finishes in our Duoblock configuration.

Need to floss one of these new Savini forged wheels on your ride? No problem! Reach out to us at with your city and state and we’ll find you a local Savini dealer near you!

New NCredible NC Wheel Styles | Savini Wheels

Besides are five new Forged SV wheel styles (as featured here), we’ve also dropped a few more looks for our exclusive NCredible NC collection that’s in partnership with the iconic Nick Cannon. The car wheels in this series feature meticulously crafted wheels to adorn the most luxurious vehicles on Earth.

The forged wheel collection already sported five impressive styles to choose from, and now we’ve added five more for even more enticing looks! The NC6 through NC10 rims are refined and ready to adorn your most luxuriest ride yet! They’ll look perfect on boss-status RRs or go great on a Maybach and more!

The NC6 forged wheel is a multi-spoke design with a star emphasis, while the NC7 is a 5-spoke design with bold accents for neck-breaking looks. The NC8 rim is perfection with a bursting-spoke design, while our NC9 forged rim is enticing and elegent with its mulit-spoke craftsmanship. Finally, the NC10 features discerning style cues that will entice ellict stares as you roll down the street!

Like what you see? Email us at so that we can locate an authorized Savini Wheels dealer near you!

New Forged SV Styles | Savini Wheels

Looking for some new shoes for your ride?

Savini Wheels is excited to announce some new wheel styles to our SV Forged collection. That’s right, we’ve added more eye-catching car wheels to our popular SV rim collection, making it easier than ever to show off your personal tastes via your car.

These new SV forged wheel styles are elegant, alluring and gorgeous, which will make it hard to choose a favorite! There are five new rim styles, with each as enticing as the next.

Savini SV89 and SV90 feature a multi-spoke design, with both elevating the look of any ride you add a set on. SV91, SV92 and SV93 all have a 5-spoke “star-like” design that stands out on the streets. Depending the look and feel you’re going for, all of these new five Savini Wheels designs would flatter your everyday luxury vehicle, weekend exotic and more.

The new styles all feature a custom bolt pattern, window detail, blind bolt/through-bolt option, proprietary sealant and a deep concave profile. All are custom-crafted for each vehicle and are made using T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum construction. Each style is available in all sizes and in seven different configurations as well as custom colors and finishes.

Forged wheels are popular among car enthusiasts for numerous reasons. The manufacturing of forged rims makes them strong, ensuring much better wear resistance over time. During the process, cavities, porosity and shrinkage are eliminated, thus tightening the wheel’s grain structure. This also results in better performance and handling.

Have your eyes on one of these new Savini Wheel style? Email us at so that we can locate an authorized Savini Dealer near you!

Savini Dealer Spotlight: Vibe Motorsports

“Where can I find Savini Wheels…”

This is a common question we get asked regularly. Because we don’t sell to the general public, we use a network of authorized Savini Dealers to sell our wheels and wanted to showcase some of the various dealers across the nation (and world) who offer our wheels!

First up in our new Savini Dealer Spotlight Series is Vibe Motorsports! Based out of Burbank, CA, this automotive shop is an e-commerce shop that’s made up of die-hard car enthusiasts. And they also have a full installation facility for those local to SoCal. They are industry leaders in the game and are made up of a creative team of experts, who will guide you in the right direction of your automotive customization goals. They dedicated themselves to really knowing many of the parts they sell to ensure that customers will not only love them, but the mods will also be effective for a wide variety of rides.

Plus, customers will appreciate how real they are. If something doesn’t fit, then they’ll tell you upfront so that you won’t have to deal with the hassles of any do-overs when it comes to mods. As a Savini Wheels dealer, they’ll be able to help you with your wheel needs when it comes to which style, fitment, finish and offset you should go with!

Here are a few examples of some rides they did styled with a set of fresh Savini Wheels!

1. Jaguar F-Pace On BM16s

2. Mercedes-Benz E550 on SV-F1

3. Lamborghini Huracan on SV-F2

4. BMW X4 on SV-F6

5. Ford Explorer On SV-F3

So if you’re looking for some Savini car wheels and are in SoCal or would like to order some despite living on the other side of the country, Vibe Motorsports can help! Hit them up and follow the on socials (ig:@vibemotorsports) for more automotive inspiration!

Which ride is your favorite?

New Wheel Alert: SV-F6

Did you hear the news?!

Gloss Black Double Dark Tint
New SV-F6 flow formed wheel style is now available for purchase!

We pride ourselves on providing tons of style options for automotive enthusiasts looking to personalize their rides and now we have added a new wheel style to our SV-F flow formed wheel collection. We’re currently offering SV-F1 through SV-F5 wheel styles, but now we’ve dropped the new SV-F6 to the mix. The new car wheel style is perfect for those who drive performance-based vehicles and are looking for something lightweight yet strong, which is why we designed it to be be stylish yet functional.

It’s all about the details with our SV-F6 car wheel

The flow forged wheel has an aggressive design with its multi-spokes that really turn heads no matter if you’re on the track or on the streets. As our strongest wheels to date, we use a combo of enhanced engineering and state-of-the-art flow forged technology to create a performance-based rim like no other. The new SV-F6 comes in either Gloss Black or Gloss Black Doubt Dark Tint finishes and 9X8.5, 19X9.5, 20X8.5, 20X9.0, 20X10, 20X11, 20X12, 21X9.0, 21X10.5, 21X12, 22X9.0, 22X10.5, 22X11, 22X12 sizes.

Right now we have plenty in stock, but act fast because this wheel style will go fast! You don’t want to be left waiting for a restock! Reach out to us at to find a local dealer near you! Not sure what wheels you should by from Savini? No prob! Just check out this blog post to learn more!

New Wheel Alert: BM17

Have you heard the news?!

Gloss Black

We’ve added a new wheel style to our Black di Forza wheel collection. We’re currently offering BM12 through BM16 wheel styles, but now we’ve dropped BM17 to the mix. The new car wheel style is perfect for everyday rides, which is why we designed it to be spectacular, elegant and impressive.

The BM17 car rim features a classic 5-spoke star design that will add to your ride’s overall exterior look. Like the other BM rim styles, BM17 is manufactured from a single block of cast aluminum and is perfect for everyday use. It comes in three different finishes, including standout Matte Bronze, sleek Gloss Black and dramatic Gloss Black w/ Double Dark Tint. It comes in various sizes, including 19X8.5, 19X9.5, 20X8.5, 20X10, 20X10.5, 21X9.0, 21X10.5, 22X9.0, and 22X10.5.

Right now we have plenty in stock, but act fast because this wheel style will go fast! You don’t want to be left waiting for a restock! Reach out to us at to find a local dealer near you!

3 Rides With Red Wheels

There’s something powerful about the color red. The bold hue has a range of meanings and symbols as it is often associated with love, passion, life, courage and anger. It’s the color to wear when you stand out and can really make a statement. That’s why so many drive around in red cars and the reason why some of the world’s supercars always floss this vibrant color. Women might have their red bottom Loubs, but men have some red bottom rims when they want to ride around and floss. And we’ve dressed tons of rigs with red wheels for the ultimate look! So if you’re looking for some red wheel inspiration, check out some of our fanciest and standout rides wearing some red bottom Savinis!


Add some red Savini Wheels to your white ride for a complementary look that will def. break necks!

2. SV62

While red and white really turn heads, this black and red color combo can’t be beat!

3. BM13

Love the look of our Black di Forza collection but want a stand to finish? No problem because you can opt for custom finishes for our BM line, too!

While those are a few rides flossing some red bottoms, we’ve got plenty more red wheels for cars to choose from!


2. SV84

3. SX5

4. SV82

5. BM15-L

Matte Red Brushed Lip

6. Savini Diamond Veneto

See something you like? Hit up and we’ll find you a dealer near you so that you can floss around in some red rims too!

What Car Wheels Should I Buy?

There’s a ton of car wheel options on the market today, so it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when looking to purchase new rims. Factor in several wheel collections for each car wheel brand and the decision can often times be very confusing. But at Savini Wheels, we want your buying experience to be as seamless as possible.

Because we’re often asked “What car wheels should I buy?” by customers, here’s a quick breakdown of our collections and who they are for!

Everyday Wheels

For customers looking to amp up style on their daily rides, our Black di Forza wheel line is perfect for their needs and wallet. As one of our less expensive lines, the BM wheels offer superiors styling in a variety of fitments and classy finishes. These cast wheels are perfect for any type of vehicle on the market and can really elevate the look of your ride the second you add a set. They also come in a forged wheel option, too!

Machined Black
Our BM12 Wheel is a very popular option!

Performance Minded

Many customers base their wheel buying decision on performance. After all, they floss a performance vehicle and want to make sure they’e not sacrificing power for style. The great thing about new wheel technology is that you don’t have to make that choice anymore since there are specially designed wheels for just this purpose! The wheels are flow formed and undergo a special manufacturing process to ensure they are super light and durable to enhance a car’s performance numbers. Our SV-F collection is super sporty and keeps weight down if that’s what you’re looking for in car wheels. And if you love the look of these styles, we also offer them in a forged wheel, too!

The SV-F2 wheel design in action

Ultimate Luxe & Style

For those who simply want to look good comes our Forged collection. The SV line comes in more than 80 different wheel styles, has a variety of fitments and finish options. If you are looking to show off your ride at events or just really want to stand out from the crowd and personalize your ride, the SV collection is what you want! Our forged wheel collection are meticulously designed and machined for ultimate exterior enhancement.

The Forged SV64XC Gloss Black Shocker Yellow Lip wheel

Star Power Wheels

We have a special partnership with Nick Cannon and thus our Ncredible x Savini collection reflects his high standards for wheels and style. If icon and star status is. your thing, these wheels are for you!

Show Queen Status

If you want to break necks at shows and want to add some extra flair to your ride, our Savini Diamond wheels do just that! With eye-catching styles and finishes, you’ll want to parade your ride all around town with a set slammed on your old school or new school ride!

The Savini Diamond Veneto Wheel

We work with authorized dealers across the globe, so if you see something that catches your eye, email us at! So which wheel collection is your favorite!

Top 4 Ferraris On Savini Wheels

Ferrari is one of the most notable automotive brands in the world and their cars are some of the fastest on the planet. Their models are what dreams are made of with their sleek exterior and more than capable horsepower. Of course, any Ferrari model would be amazing to own, there are specific models that really rev up one’s automotive passion like the Ferrari 488, Ferrari 458 and the like.

Despite a Ferrari’s already great looks off of the assembly line, many owners like to add their own personal touch and personality to one of the world’s most coveted rides, upgrading the exterior looks with sleeker kits and more. Even just adding a new set of wheels can drastically change the look and provide a stance that will turn heads everywhere! A set of Savini Wheels does just that and we’ve compiled a few Ferraris whose stance is definitely heightened with the addition of Savini Wheels (forged or cast)!

Which ride is your favorite? (Drop a comment below)

A Ferrari 458 Italia like no other thanks to a full Prior-Design aero kit, a matte metallic green wrap and a set of BM14 gloss back Savini Wheels thanks to Roadstarr Motorsports.
Roadstarr’s Ferrari 488 is a beast on the streets thanks to some seroius good looks and a set of Black di Forza BM15 Savini Wheels!
The Car Ninja Ferrari 458 is back on the scene with their latest iteration of the Italian Stallion – this time sporting a Misha Designs body kit and a set of all-new step lip concave Forged SV67-L #saviniwheels in a matte black with gold finish!
This Ferrari actually sports the first PSM carbon fiber aerodynamic performance kit that includes a front lip, side skirts and rear wing. To really make things pop, a set of Savini SV62 wheels in a brush red finish were added. Feast your eyes on this beauty for yourself!

After checking out these sophisticated Ferraris, it’s time to look for some wheels for your own ride! Whether your’e looking for forged wheels or cast wheels, we’ve got a style for everyone. Make sure to browse the site and let us know if something caught your eye so that we can direct you to a dealer near you (just email

BMW i8 | SV59D | Savini Wheels

The BMW i8 is an exotic that turns heads everywhere. But this particular i8 by Sightwaves is particularly enticing thanks to its Forged SV59D Brushed Double Dark Tint 22×8.5 front and 22×10.5 rear Savini Wheels. Adding a set of Savini Wheels to any ride definitely adds a bit of your own personality and this set is just one of many alluring styles to choose from!


Acura NSX | SV-F3 | Savini Wheels

Ever since the Acura NSX dropped, it’s been a favored super car by many thanks to its good looks and more than capable performance. It’s so hot right now that Road & Track named it their 2017 Performance Car of the Year! Custom NSX’s have been popping up everywhere as tuners and owner try to leave their mark on on the hottest cars on the market. Although, alrady a looker on its own, many see the Acura NSX as a blank canvas and want to make their masterpiece!

All  You Need Are The Right Wheels

But no matter what mods you dress an NSX with, you can never go wrong with a set of bangin’ wheels! Whether it’s an all out aftermarket transformation or a few simple changes, a new set of wheels- like these Savini SV-F3s – will make any NSX really stand out.The new line from Savini uses innovative flow form technolgy to create the new collection made esepcially for performance-minded consumers. 

New SV-F Wheels

The new SV-F wheels are perfect for an NSX given the fact that they are made esepcially for perfromance vehicles. All SV-F wheels are precison engineerd using our patent Mono Form Technology, resulting in lighter, stronger and stylish wheels! Currently, there are three different SV-F wheel styles, each looking as amazing as the next.


Mercedes-Benz S-Class | BM14-L | Savini Wheels | Aimgain

Bet you haven’t seen an S-Class look this good, right?! Aimgain has definitley taken their affinity for widebody rides and created an aggressive and bold kit for the Benz S-Class, which features front and rear bumpers, side steps and a trunk spoiler that all add to its appeal. But add a set of Black di Forza BM14-L step-lip Savini Wheels in a gloss black finish and the result is a neck-breaking stunner that screams “Boss Status!” 


Lamborghini Huracan | SV41 | Savini Wheels

A Lamborghini Huracan is the stuff of dreams. The exotic is the epitome of luxury and a dream ride for many. As a replacement for the beloved Gallardo, the Huracan is a stunner from all all angles, which is why this particular one needed a set of wheels to enhance its beauty. Butler Tires & Wheels added a set of Forged SV41 Savini Wheels in a distinguished matte double dark tint for an extraordinary look!


Misha Designs 488 GTB | Black di Forza BM15 | Savini Wheels

Misha Designs knows that an ordinary exotic is nothing remarkable these days, which is why the L.A.-based company goes out of its way to morph ordinary rides into extraordinary beasts that get adored. Although they’re known for their Porsche and Mercedes-Benz body kits, they’ve recently set their eyes on Ferrari models, with this F88 GTB their latest victim. Their kit includes a hood and front bumper, side air intake covers and side skirts, a spoiler wing and rear bumper – all made from high-quality carbon fiber. And to really tie in its exterior look, a set of 20″ Black di Forza BM15 wheels were chosen. Check out the 488’s new look and wheels below!


Aimgain Lamborghini Aventador GT | SV69-L | Savini Wheels

Aimgain brought some heat to the 2016 SEMA Show in the form of their aggressive Lamborghini Aventador GT, rocking their exclusive aero kit and a set of our all-new 2017 Forged SV69-L step lip wheels for the proper stance. The combo is a Lamborghini Aventador like no other! To top it all off, our boys at RDBLA hooked up the Aventador with a fresh matte grey wrap, a Novitec lowering kit and handled the installation of the kit, making it a neck-breaking exotic on the streets.

Now Available Black di Forza BM12-L | Savini Wheels

Our Black di Forza collection is a fan favorite since they’re stylish and functional, making them perfect for your everyday ride. The BM12 wheel style will perfectly accentuate a wide variety of rides thanks to its multi-spoke design. The wheel might be one of our older styles, but it’s still a classic design that comes in various fitments, sizes and finishes – allowing you showcase your indivudal style on your ride. You can also opt to get our  These forged wheelsBM12 wheel style in our all-new limited edition step lip concave BM12-L forged wheel, which will only have 25 sets available. They also come in custom finishes and are available in sizes 20″, 21″ and 22″. If you’d like to see what the BM12 and BM12-L styles look like on your ride, check out the various rides below! Or you can easily see what they’d look like on your own ride by using our Vechile Builder here!


Now Available Diamond Series Trento | Savini Wheels

Standing out from the crowd is easy when you have a set of Savini Diamond Series wheels on your ride! And because we know it takes neck-breaking styles to do so, we’ve come up with new styles as part of the collection, incluidng our all-new Trento style! The edgy design and  vareity of fitments and finishes, allows you to easily customize the Trento wheel to suit yoru ride’s custom look. All eyes will definitely be on you and your ride when you’re rolling on a set!



Now Available BM13 & BM13-L | Savini Wheels

Our Black di Forza wheel collection is a favorite with customers since they easily complement a wide variety or rides and are great for everyday use. Although our BM13 style has been in our arsenal for a while, it’s still a timeless style that will add elegance, style and function to any ride it adorns. The multispoke wheel comes in a multitude of standard and custom finishes, as well as a wide range of fitments, which make it perfect for luxury, performnace and daily drivers. We also offer the BM13 style in our limited edition step lip concave BM13-L forged wheel, which has only 25 sets available for each style. The special wheel features a step lip outer, floating concave center and a special serial number marked for autnthetication. We offer many custom finishes and the BM14-L wheels are available in sizes 20″, 21″ and 22″. Check out what the BM13 wheel style looks like below on the Mercedes-Benz S550 below! !


Now Available Forged SV66 & SV67 | Savini Wheels

In the market for new wheels or know someone who is? If so, make sure you check out two of our newest forged wheel styles – the SV66 and SV67! Both styles were unveiled at last year’s SEMA Show and are just what your ride needs to amplify its exteior good looks. They both offer a unique look to your ride and will enhance it’s stance thanks to a number of finishes – custom and standard – in addition to various fitments and configurations, including the all-new step lip concave. Each configuration offers your vechile a differnt look and ride – with all the style that comes when  you floss a Savini wheel like our SV66 or SV67. Just feast your eyes on the red hot Ferrari 458 by Car Ninja sporting a Misha Designs body kit and a set of SV67-L step lip concave Savini Wheels.  Let us know which ride you’d throw a set of either style on in the comments below!