Black di Forza Wheels

Black di Forza BM - All-New Super Concave

The Black di Forza line is one of our simplest and more essential products for everyday use. With more affordable pricing and an array of fitment options this has become a very popular choice. Now available in super concave profiles!

Black di Forza BM Forged

The Forged Black di Forza BM 9-15 collection step-lip configuration utilizes a center disk that is 1” smaller in diameter to reduce weight, unsprung mass, and improve return on inertia. The configuration also features a unique concave spoke profile and a signature undercut for improved aerodynamics.


Black di Forza-BM

The Black di Forza - BM Series line is manufactured from a single block of Cast aluminum and is one of our simplest, more essential products for everyday use.

Black di Forza-BS

The Black di Forza - BS Series line is made of a Cast aluminum center disk and combined with a Forged aluminum Inner/Outer rim halve for a remarkable cosmetic appearance with aggressive performance/handling.